Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Microsoft Kills Me Softly...

I think I wrote like a year ago or something about problems with Microsoft licensing. Well, today it's not necessarily the licensing but the benefits that come with volume licensing, which we recently purchased. Somehow, through no effort of my own, I have become the MS Software Assurance Benefits Administrator...and, oh my, what fun that has been. Through the Microsoft web-site, I can assign certain benefits to certain users...which is fine...I have that down. I've assigned some of it to Employee Purchasing Program and Home Use Program...those seem simple enough.

But there are also things like Training Vouchers, E-Learning, Support and TechNet Support. And, well, that seems simple enough too. So, I tried to get into them so I could show whoever I eventually assign them to how it works. And, well, circles. Click on a button, it takes you to the E-Learning another button and you're out of the E-Learning Center. It's just a horrible, horrible thing.

The further I dig into this thing, the more confused I get. Their web-site is like a series of mazes that have no end...when I think I'm almost to where I want to be, I end up back at the Microsoft Licensing site and have to try again. It's completely insane. So, I have a conference call today at 11:00 with an MS rep...if I live through it, I'll let you know if we ever get out of the maze.

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wvconfidential said...

I have a golden rule when dealing with MS Licensing: once you find information you need, copy it to somewhere else, because you'll never be able to find it again.

It takes longer to find the ISO files for products you purchased than it does to download them. And once you do, there are five different versions to choose from. Only one of them works with your VLK. Do you feel lucky?

The names are helpful, too: