Monday, August 28, 2006

Tiger on Delay

I don't know how many people watched Tiger win the Bridgestone on Sunday but I was really frustrated by the tape delay. We're not talking about a 5-second tape delay...we're talking like an hour or something. And, during the playoff holes, you really could tell because between shots they would take like a 15-second commercial break and the golfers would magically be on the green. It was really annoying.

Anyway, Tiger won his 52nd tournament and 4th in a row. He almost collapsed down the stretch which is very unTiger-like but he held on for the victory. He is now 5th on the all-time victory list...and he's definitely not done yet.

Anyway, not much else at the moment I can think of. Mountaineer football approaching rapidly. I'll get my predictions for the big game up soon...if you can call Marshall a big game.

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