Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, shoot, let's get right to the point...first, my predictions for the WVU/Marshall game:

  • There will be a lot of intoxicated WVU folks there.
  • Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium will be at standing room only.
  • There will be a lot of cursing and probably some things thrown.
  • A few people will be brave enough to wear ugly green clothes.
  • Those people in ugly green clothes will be ridiculed relentlessly by drunk Mountaineer folks.
  • Brian and/or Andrew will throw a chicken bone at someone in ugly green clothes.
  • Don Nehlen is a Friend of Coal and will make sure everyone knows it.
  • Pat White and Steve Slaton will run for a combined one billion yards...or maybe 300.
  • The Mountaineer band will play "Hail, West Virginia" at least 12 times (including pre-game).
  • Mountaineers will beat Marshall. Final score: 45 - 17
Alright, now with that over with, let's get on to HS football...

East Fairmont v. University - In an attempt to fire up his football squad, Coach Haddox pulls out a bow and arrow and fires into the air. A bald eagle falls to the earth. Haddox informs the teams they will destroy University like he destroyed that hawk. A player tells Haddox, "Hey, that's an eagle, not a hawk." Haddox responds, "They are the same thing." Well, needless to say, an argument ensues that continues to gameday. Sensing the discontent on the East sideline, the University players add fuel to the fire by telling both sides of the argument they are right. Needless to say, the argument persists throughout the evening and, while East argues, University plays football and wins. East Fairmont 24 - University 34

Fairmont Senior @ North Marion - Fairmont Senior will come out of the locker room chantining "Remember RCB." North Marion will come out chanting "Remember when we stomped you all the time...and everyone else in football." West Fairmont should be too good...but Coach Gerry White has a trick up his's called running the ball. North Marion will do it...FSHS won't. Fairmont Senior in the upset. North Marion 27 - West 22

And, for some other back story:

Morgantown 48 - Brooke 27
Bridgeport 28 - Preston 14
Florida State 16 - Miami 28
Virginia 13 - Pittsburgh 24

Update: From Greg - A preview of the matchup from of my favorite Clarksburg stations. Nothing makes me happier than watching WBOY (and their horrendous newscasts). Anyway, here's the preview: Friends of Coal Bowl Preview

And, from Brian: Chicken wing throwing is saved for teams like VT or other fowl mascots!
Of could I miss apologies. So, what do you throw at a buffalo? I have some thoughts but they're not very appropriate.

Also, from the Marshall web-site: Huntington Advertiser sportswriter Dug Freutel in 1933 started referring to Marshall teams as the Boogercats (referring to Scotland's Bogie Cats, a "fleet, elusive, courageous" animal) and some other scribes followed in using that nickname. Freutel complained that Thundering Herd made one think of "cows stampeding down a country road," but many people thought Boogercats stirred up worse images than that.

Tell me, how awesome would it be to have the Marshall Boogercats? Man...I only wish...

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Chicken wing throwing is saved for teams like VT or other fowl mascots!