Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Roundup

First of all, I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am becoming of Terrell Owens, Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys. I know that has been a recurring theme but I am just so sick of watching SportsCenter and having 20 minutes dedicated to T.O. and the Tuna. It is absolutely insane. So what if T.O. tweaked a hamstring and Parcells said he won't play until he practices. The amount of time ESPN is spending on this non-story is ridiculous. All I can hope is that T.O. blows up soon and we don't have to listen to this garbage all year.

Do you want to know why so much time is being spent on T.O.? Because it's easy. It requires no work to cover Terrell Owens and the Cowboys. It's a story that has been recycled 100 times over. It requires no investigation or effort. That's why ESPN loves it so much. It's an easy story and there's enough idiots out there that are interested to keep it in the headlines. Why investigate something difficult when the moronic T.O. and the egotistical Tuna are out there? This is why the "World Wide Leader" drives me crazy.

Anyway, in other news, Tiger Woods proves once again that he is the greatest golfer of this generation. Just a few short months ago there were some people (mostly the aforementioned network) claiming that Mickleson should be the #1 golfer in the world. Anyone making that claim now. Tiger owned the PGA like he owned the British Open. No one can touch him right now. Will he catch Nicklaus? Probably. Is he better than Jack? I'm not convinced of that for sure but I know it would be awesome to watch them compete against one another in their prime. And I'm not talking a Rocky VI-like comeback today.

Yanks own Red Sox again? Sure seems like it. The Yankees have won 4 straight against Boston and will be looking for the series sweep this afternoon. The Yankees are now up 5 1/2 on the Sox. I'm sure "Red Sox Nation" is whining like usual. I think the Yankees have finally found their lineup. Pitching is still questionable. I'm very worried about Randy Johnson and Mussina looked shaky before he left the game last night.

West Virginia is #5 in the AP poll and there are some seriously lofty expectations out there. The Sports Illustrated cover was awesome. The last time expectations were this high, the Eers fell flat. I don't see that happening this year. Can they go undefeated? Perhaps. Should they win 10+? Definitely. BCS bowl? Sure, why not? I am very excited for Mountaineer football. Only a couple weeks away before we welcome the Herd to town. Man, I have cold chills just thinking about it. Seriously.

Anyway, that's about it for the moment. East Fairmont football begins on Friday as they travel to Elkins. I will get my predictions up for that game sometime this week. Bees vs. Tigers? Sounds like an epic battle for the ages.

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