Thursday, August 24, 2006

High School Predictions

I don't really have the time or energy to give you stories about how Robert C. Byrd traveled to the Great North to wrestle Polar Bears or how the dead arose from Forest Hills Cemetary to take Coach Haddox back to the sounds of Michael Jackson's Thriller. So, instead of those great stories, I will just give you the scores...

East Fairmont @ Elkins (formerly Forest Hills) - East Fairmont seems to own the Tigers most years from some reason and that always makes the East Side faithful excited about the possible playoff run (folks, it's only been 30 years...get over it). But, this year the Tigers strike back and finally win. East 14, Elkins 20

Fairmont Senior @ Robert C. Byrd - Fairmont Senior is supposed to be a beast this year. They are supposed to challenge Morgantown. Yeah, right...don't see it. But RCB isn't very least, they haven't been. West Side rolls. FSHS 27, RCB 13

University @ North Marion - Hopefully none of the North Marion players get sick or forget to show up or the Huskies might have to forfeit. University isn't going to be great this year but they should be able to beat the undermanned Huskies. University 23, NMHS 13

Morgantown @ Woodson - Woodson is a team from DC. Ummm, I have no friggin' idea who they are. How am I supposed to pick this game? Woodson? Come on! I'll still take the Mohigans over whoever Woodson is. Wonder if the schools was named after Rod? Anyway, Morgantown 72, Woodson 10

Alright...that's my predictions for Week 1 of the powerhouse known as West Virginia High School Football.

Oh, and if you missed another article on consolidation for East/West in the Times today, it's a must-read. Phares has obviously made up his mind that it is the move to make and the BOE is going to begin a full-scale PR push to make the citizens of Marion County accept it. Once again, if you are against it, you better get out there and be heard before it is too late. The BOE has the paper and the resources to make it happen...and, once they get some momentum, it's going to happen fast. I implore you again, if you are against consolidation, get the word out now.

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