Sunday, August 27, 2006

Update on Stuff

First, I've heard that West Fairmont has not lost junior running back Jerry Kelly for the season and he may be back by the next game. That's good news for Fairmont Senior who lost to RCB on Friday. I'm hearing that expectations remain high for the Polar Bears despite the loss...they simply came out flat against RCB. Next week should really tell us if they are for real or not.

T.O. Update: Terrell Owens was fined $9,500.00 for missing a meeting. How much longer can the Tuna and T.O. co-exist? One of them will be out at the end of the season. If we're really, really will be both.

Lastly, I had this conversation today about the Johnnie Johnson Jazz & Blues Festival in Fairmont. There was an article in the Times-WV today about the disappointing attendance. My favorite quote from the article was “I think people in Fairmont are so used to going other places to be enter­tained that they can’t see what they have here.” Not sure I agree...

There are several problems with the Jazz & Blues Festival. First, advertising. I had no idea it was even going on. There might have been something in the paper but nothing that caught my eye. I didn't see any signs or hear anything on the radio. Second, location. Sorry...Palatine Park is not easily accessible and parking is autrocious. It either needs to be move to a better location (closer to I-79) or there needs to be major renovations made in the Palatine area.

Third, let's be honest, it's a Jazz & Blues Festival. You're not going to attract a lot of people in the Fairmont area to a jazz festival. You are going to have to advertise to Morgantown and Clarksburg...I'm sure you could get a decent amount of students from WVU and Fairmont State if you would move the festival to after Labor Day. You could also get advertising in the high school and attract a younger generation if you would wait until after school is in session. Instead, you're trying to hold a festival as youth are shopping and trying to get settled in for school. Not smart.

I hate to the see the jazz festival die but I'm not sure they'll ever attract a large crowd without some major changes to how it operates. I'm sure there are many other elements that add to its failure but these are a few I see.

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