Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Windows 95

Man, if you don't think Windows has evolved a long way over the last 10 years, try to work on a Windows 95 machine. All I needed was to format a Windows 95 machine and put a fresh installation of 95 on it...but the laptop I had used an external CD-ROM via the PCMCIA that wasn't supported on the Windows 95, it took me nearly 20 minutes to find the drivers and get the bootup disk setup so it would support the CD-ROM. What a pain...I'm glad things have changed in that respect. People who look back with nostalgia on Windows 3.1 and 95 are idiots...end of story.

Beilein Stuck?

Most people know by now that John Beilein headed out to Indiana University on Sunday for an interview with the officials out there. According to a pretty reliable source, Beilein was Indian's first choice for a new coach to replace Mike Davis. And, Beilein was also very interested in the job. The only snag was the $3 million dollar buyout owed to WVU is Beilein took another job. Apparently Ed Pastilong got one right by signing Beilein to the long-term deal when he did and the buyout clause will probably scare away any other potential suitors.

But, it raises the question: If Beilein really wanted to go to Indiana, should WVU have stopped him? I know we want him as a coach but if his eyes really are turned elsewhere, shouldn't we let him go? Just a thought...

Alright, that's about it today...have some work to get done and I think I'm going to get to that now...later.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Computer Issues

Well, we'll continue on with computer problems here at my office...Habib is on assignment and won't be back before April. I'm heartbroken...but here goes:

I got a call the other day from a gentleman in accounts receivable. He told me that one of his co-workers was having some lockup issues with her computer. That was ok...until he continued by telling me her monitor was smaller than his and that might be causing the problem and he requested a larger monitor for her. I didn't laugh...I took the request seriously. Unfortunately, we were out of larger monitors. About an hour later, she called and said she was having problems and I went down to see her. I immediately recognized the problem as a harddrive dying...and, within an hour, the drive grinded to a halt. If only I had gotten her a new monitor sooner...

A month into working here, I received a call from a user who said she had put a CD in her computer and it wouldn't play and she couldn't get it out. Well, at that time we were using mostly clone machines that didn't contain CD-ROMs unless they were installed post-production. So, I asked her how she inserted the CD. "Well," she started, "I placed it in the CD slot in the front of my computer. Now I hit the button to eject and nothing happens." Needless to say, she placed the CD in the 5.25" floppy drive. This has happened a couple times...I have a special CD hook that will remove the CDs...but they never work the same again...

We recently had to change our paging system here because people keep wanting to play songs over the intercom system. Most recently, we had the battle of fight songs leading into the BCS series...we heard the Notre Dame fight song, WVU fight song and the Georgia fight song. After the Georgia fight song, we had to change the intercom so only 10 seconds of paging can occur. What a shame.

Alright, that's about enough today...I'm sure there's more, I just can't remember.

Monday, March 27, 2006

More Habib...and some other stuff

Well, I didn't think Habib could possibly do anything stupid today because he was only here about an hour before he left to travel to parts unknown in the state...he shouldn't be back for a couple weeks...he's on assignment. Anyway, someone e-mailed Habib a Word document that he needed in TIFF format. There are probably a dozen ways to do this...I probably would have published it to PDF and converted to TIFF or ran it through OmniPage to get my TIFFs. Habib, instead, printed the document and then scanned the document...200 pages or so. That wouldn't be bad except for the waste of paper and resources. Just didn't make a lot of sense.

Maybe some of my resentment of Habib stems from the fact his office is so much cleaner than mine...I mean, it is immaculate. He dusts, sweeps, washes, etc. He has nothing in his office other than a printer, computer and bookshelf. His office is just so neat. Which does not make any sense at all. He was hired as a hardware guy...there should be drives and half computers laying everywhere. But no...if I lay anything in his office, he freaks out and wants to know where it belongs. I have posted pictures of my is a mess. Everyone's office in my department is a mess...except his. It's ridiculous. But, hey, that's Habib...

Anyway, enough of that. Can you believe George Mason? George Mason is in the Final Four. I am just stunned. And happy for them. I really hope they win it all. Yes, I am now officially on the Geoge Mason bandwagon. My bracket...ummmm, well, I have one team left. Let's go Bruins.

Other than that, not much going on. I haven't mentioned Follies, I will now. The band is getting ready for appears that it will be excellent. I'm just waiting for the lights to arrive on Thursday and working on the video stuff for it. Everything appears to be pulling together as it should. If you haven't yet, I would highly recommend getting tickets and coming to the show. And, if you do, be sure to track me down...I'll be roaming about in the halls or I'll be up in the Hot Box...

Until then, Go Bruins and Go Patriots.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Incomparable Habib...

Let me start by saying this: Habib is a co-worker of mine in the computer department. Habib is not his real name...just a name to help protect the stupid. Habib has been a thorn in my side since he arrived at my workplace. Someone recommended that I should make the Chronicles of Habib...similar to the Chronicles of George (see links) but I don't think Habib does quite enough stupid stuff to write about everyday...but, I will share a couple Habib stories. If you're not a computer person, this won't make as much sense...but, here goes:

So, Habib had been working in the department for about 3 weeks. One of him primary duties is user support. He had one computer that was constantly causing problems...programs crashing, locking up, whatever...forcing the user to reboot. Habib decided it could be a software issue...something I would consider. So, he took the computer from the user and made an image of it. (An image is essentially a mirror-image backup of a computer that can be loaded on another like computer and will restore all the data, software, settings, documents, etc.). Well, making an image was correct. Unfortunately, he reloaded the EXACT SAME he had just taken off the computer back on the machine and gave it to the user. Naturally, the user had the same problems. For those of you confused, this would be like taking a burnt out light bulb out of a lamp and putting the same light bulb back in and not understanding why it still wasn't working. I was dumbfounded and still reference it to this date.

Most recently, Habib was working on a project with volumes of information. The 30GB hard drive in the laptop I gave him wouldn't hold all this information so I gave him an extra harddrive that basically will go in the CD-ROM slot on the laptop. The harddrives come unformatted so I told him that it would need formatted then he could start copying his data over to the new drive. Well, two days passed and Habib came in my office and started pilfering through my software CDs. I don't like people going through my stuff really so I asked him what he was looking for.

"Do you have drivers for that harddrive?" he said. I said "What?". Again, the question rung out, "Do you have drivers for that harddrive you gave me Monday?" I was again dumbfounded. He then told me that the computer didn't see the drive when he put it in. So, naturally, I asked "Did you format it?". I received an answer about not seeing the drive when he put it in so how could he format it. I nearly lost it...I explained to him Disk Management in Windows and how he could format it. I didn't even address the drivers question.

Here's what is wrong with is: 1) Any computer technician should know that the computer can't do anything with an unformatted drive and they should know how to address that. 2) Since when does a harddrive need drivers? What are the drivers going to install to? 3) Why didn't he ask on Monday if he didn't understand? 4) What makes him think he can just barge in my office and start going through my things?

The guy just really gets under my skin. Really. We recently found his resume on a is hilarious. He talks about all the tasks he has completed at work. Habib said he has setup and managed 10 Windows 2000 and 10 Windows 2003 Servers. That's funny Habib...we don't even have 10 Windows 2003 servers in the entire organization. And, needless to say, the ones we have, well, Habib didn't put the image on or format the drives. Would anyone like to hire Habib away from us? Anyone? Please?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Where to Begin?

I don't even know where to begin with this. I guess I'll start with this question: Would you rather lose by 7 or 8 or lose like WVU did last night? I mean, I know I don't want to get blown out by 20 but is it better to be behind by 7 with a minute to go knowing the game is pretty much over or lose in the heart-wrenching way we did last night? I'm really not sure...there's a good argument for both because the close game at least gives you a chance. I mean, you don't want to lose at all but to lose that way, geesh.

Before I go on with that game, let's look at some good news: J.J. Redick and crew are done. Thank if we could just get the Coach K commercials off TV I would be a happy man. I'm also very pleased that Gonzaga lost...I'm sick of Adam Morrison. His act was getting old quick. Is it appropriate to cry before the game even ends and you still have a shot? I was a little confused about that. UCLA made a great comeback and that was a really enjoyable game. Of course, Memphis rolled over poor chance.

OK...back to WVU. I hope everyone enjoyed the run they just saw...Mountaineers fans hadn't seen anything like what we have witnessed over the past two years in over 45 years. Back to back Sweet 16 appearances and great wins over top teams along the way. It was a very special group of people. Kevin Pittsnogle was a hot or cold player. Sometimes selfish...sometimes scared. Bad shots, no rebounds...great shots, no rebounds. Always clutch though...just like last night. The man can shoot the ball...and he has worked on the inside game...still a lot of work to do if he's going to play in the NBA. A national sensation...the Man-Verb. We'll definitely miss the "You Got Pittsnogled" signs and matter how annoying they became.

Mike Gansey was a lot of James Brown...the hardest working man in showbiz. Or at least on the court. Struggled late in the season...really looked sick...definitely not 100%. Another clutch player. Found a way to get rebounds even though many of the players towered over him. The front man of the 1-3-1 zone pulled off a lot of steals over the years and won WVU many games (remember UCLA). Will make a great scrapper for some NBA team...

Joe Herber...the German. I've heard the guy is like a genius or something. Herber knows how to pass the ball...great assist man. Could get on a roll from the perimeter but his drives to the basket were his offensive strength. Brough a real European feel to the game by using hands, feet...anything to try to deflect passes and disrupt the offense. Can probably go to Europe and make some money playing ball? Why can't they play the German National Anthem before every game?

J.D. Collins was probably the most disliked of the senior group. A real love/hate kinda guy...sometimes controlled the offense with great precision and timing. Other times dribbled around a little too much and took ill-advised shots. Overall though, he ran the Mountaineer offense like a great maestro, finding the cutting man or pulling in the defense with a drive to kick it out for the easy 3. Was WVU better with J.D. on the bench? That could be debated but I'm saying no.

And lastly, the only non-starter, Patrick Beilein. Say what you want about Pat but the guy could make some 3's and he played hard to. If it wasn't for Gansey, this guy would probably be the toughest guy on the court. Yeah, you could always count on him blowing a timeout on an inbounds play and another diving out of bounds for a loose ball but he played all out. Is there a greater shot than the one he nailed against Louisville 10-feet behind the 3-point line with the shot clock hitting 0? He brought energry from the bench and was a great asset to this team. Will make a great coach someday...maybe at WVU?

So, we say farewall to the "Fab 5" seniors at WVU. What a great run it has been. When they beat #6 Florida at the Civic Center a few years ago, that was considered to be a great win...who would have guessed how many more great wins were to come? Congratulations Mountaineers...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Live WVU Game...

11:02 p.m.
Okay...I think I'm done with this experiment. I've enjoyed doing it but it's after 11:00 and I'm getting tired and I think I'm going to lay down to watch the rest of the game. I think the Mounties can stage a comeback...they just need to really get things cooking. I'll wrap up tomorrow at some point depending on the game. In the meantime, Let's Go Mountaineers.

10:51 p.m.
Just found's awesome:

10:45 p.m.
Not good. WVU down by 12 at the break is not what you want to see. WVU needed to win the turnover battle but didn't. They needed to keep the rebounding close but didn't. They needed to find ways to get easy shots but didn't. Only 1 field goal inside the 3-point line. Only 2 free throws. This isn't a winning formula. Pittnogle needs to step up and play defense and Gansey needs to make a miracle...

I'll try not to fall asleep at halftime. And what the heck is going on with UCLA? If Gonzaga does win, it will not be because of Morrison but rather his teammates who have really stepped it up.

10:42 p.m.
10 point UT lead. Put Collins on the bench for horrendous dribbling and questionable defense. And Herber just got rejected big time and Texas is moving the ball again. Folks, my optimism is waning. WVU is not a big comeback team. Yes, they can hit 3's to comeback but they've been hot and cold tonight. Oh, and tell Pittsnogle to blockout. UT by 12 and another WVU turnover.

10:38 p.m.
Well, WVU tried to make a run but Texas put a stop to that and Gansey was shaken up on the last play. Now I have to see the most annoying Applebee's commercial ever. I can't believe the amount of 3's WVU is taking. And they are being outrebounded by 7 or more already and they have committed only 2 less turnovers. The stats aren't great but we're still only down by 8. But, I'm not liking this way of playing...

10:30 p.m.
Sloppy play. That's all I can say. Herber with a bad 3-point shot. Collins with 2 pump fakes on a guy twice his size. A errant pass to the wrong team. Sloppy play. Refer to my 10:25 pm. post about my fear here. Beilein wisely comes a timeout. This could go south in a hurry. Gonzaga is destroying UCLA? Hmmmm. Oh, UT 21-15.

10:25 p.m.
Hmmm...did we just see Pittsnogle flop? I think Pittsnogle just flopped. Awesome. But, what's not awesome is the fact we gave up that alley-oop. Can't let them do that...down by 4 now. WVU needs to find a way to get some better looks on offense. I really could see us going into a drought similar to the Northwestern St. game. They need to find better shots...I'm back to hating the 3's.
10:22 p.m.
Disregard what I said about the 3-pointers. Hey, if they're all going to go down, let's shoot em. Find a way to get Beilein the ball. Oh, and rebound the ball please without holding Buckman. Tied at 15. I still haven't eaten...going to try to get back to that. Oh, UT 17- WVU 15 now.

10:16 p.m.
Another Texas turnover and another TV timeout. UT still leads 10-9 and I'm done updating for 10 minutes or so because I have a steak hoagie coming out the oven. I haven't had dinner yet. So far, WVU looks pretty good...I wish they could find some cuts though. Chucking from 3 isn't going to win this game...we have to find some made layups.

10:14 p.m.
Hey, the announcer's got in the Herber genius line. Awesome. Texas has committed their 4th turnover of the game. I think WVU needs to attack the basket a little to open up the outside. WVU is getting rebounds on the defensive side of the ball. Texas regains the lead 10-9 on a botched defense assignment. Herber airs a 3.

10:12 p.m.
The announcers so far have been somewhat bearable. That's a shock. And the refs haven't messed anything up yet. The sky is falling somewhere. I can't believe that over half of WVU's shots have come from 3-point land. That's crazy. Beilein's in off the all five seniors are playing. Gansey missed a 3. 9-8 WVU.

10:07 p.m.
Another Texas turnover. WVU must find a way to cause turnovers. Gansey just nailed a 3 to tie it at 6-6. Can they get hot and start nailing some shots? Another turnover for Texas. Probably should have been a foul on WVU for a shove. Pittsnogle for 3...9-6 WVU. Hmmm...could get interesting. Foul on Pittsnogle and we get a TV timeout. I'm updating more than I wanted to. Stupid commercials...

10:05 p.m.
Too many 3 attempts. I know you can't matchup and post inside against them but you need to find some way to get some better looks inside the arch. How many layups will WVU miss tonight? How long before we hear about Herber's 4.0 GPA and Pittsnogle's spawn? Score now 6-3 thanks to a Pittsnogle 3-pointer.

10:03 p.m.
Well, the game has tipped...isn't that exciting? Texas won the tip...shocking. This isn't going to be like a play-by-play or anything...I'll update at around the 10 minute mark in the half or something. WVU must find a way to rebound the ball to be successful...they don't need to outrebound Texas but it needs to be closer than the 21 rebound deficit they had against UT last time. A 10 rebound difference would be good.

I can't believe there are so many empty seats. Even if I were a Duke fan, I'd stay around for the second game. The tickets are $130 each.

West Virginia will need to find a way to stop Texas' inside game and Pittsnogle needs to definitely find his stroke early. 2-0 Texas now. UT just committed a turnover...turnovers will be huge in this game. Back for more later.

9:51 p.m.
This is from
Most WNBA Teams Would Outrebound West Virginia. The Mountaineers rank 326th out of 327 Division-I teams in rebounding. It’s true that the West Virginia’s system isn’t designed to snag a lot of rebounds, but still, it would be nice if Kevin Pittsnogle would stop impregnating his wife for long enough to box someone out every now and then. The Mountaineers make up for it, though, by being second in the nation in fewest turnovers.

That's funny stuff there.

9:45 p.m.
Memphis destroyed poor Bradley. Bradley has to be happy to have made it to the Sweet 16 though. But they were clearly overclassed by Memphis. But Memphis won't stand a chance against UCLA (who will beat Gonzaga).

I said I felt sorry for Redick earlier. I kinda do. Now, I'm not a fan at all. He plays for Duke and I will never root for Duke. But, he was a heck of a player and, through a lot of games, he single-handedly led them to victory. I still don't like him but I do respect him and the work he has done and you know as well as I that he put everything he had into playing for Duke. But, I'm still glad they lost.

Of course, Redick won't be the only senior playing in his final game tonight. There's that potential that we could see Pittsnogle, Gansey, Herber, Collins and Beilein in their final game in the blue and gold. Think of how bad they will feel if that's the case and how bad we'll feel too...that's why I kinda feel sorry for Redick. But, I still believe the Mountaineers will advance...oh please, let them advance.

Another observation...Jim Burr reffed the Duke/LSU game. Does that mean he'll ref the WVU game? Oh please, no Burr. NO BURR!!!

9:30 p.m.
Duke has lost to LSU. Redick cried leaving the court. I almost felt bad for him...seriously. I'll talk about why tomorrow. Anyway, the bracket opens up now. LSU and Baby Davis are beatable...the winner of the Texas/WVU game definitely has a good chance for the Final Four. Biggest shock of the game: Sheldon Williams didn't eat anyone. Second biggest shock: Jim Burr didn't screw it up.

So, 1/2 hour now before WVU tips against Texas in a "must-see" showdown. Behind Duke/LSU, it should be the matchup of the night. I really believe WVU can pull the upset but they need to play flawless ball. And they need to shoot like they used to...

I'll update more around tipoff if I haven't fallen asleep by then...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random Tidbits...

For those people giving me a hard time for reading the news at work, read this article: Be smarter at work, slack off

Microsoft Vista isn't going to ship on time. Now, who is surprised? Let me see the hands.

Lost productivity due to the NCAA tournament? A bunch of lies.

For those of you in college or getting ready to graduate soon, good news on the job front.

Why would Prince be renting a home from Carlos Boozer? Yes, that Prince. And Carlos Boozer?

If you haven't watched all the cartoons on the Homestar Runner website, now is a good time.

And, I think Sheldom Williams is possessed:

Need more evidence? Makes sense...he is playing for Coach K.

Lastly, the Mountaineers tip off at 9:45 p.m. on Thursday night. A ridiculous time. So, I don't think I'll be anywhere but home to watch the game. I may, if I can stay awake, do a little realtime blogging on my thoughts of the game. I have Texas winning in my bracket but I believe WVU can pull the upset. WVU wins by 3.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Can't Tell You How Many Times I Felt This Way

Iowa fans who skipped work to watch their Hawkeyes in a first round NCAA Tournament game respond to a last-second three-pointer that gives #14 seed Northwestern State the upset win. I feel their pain...I've seen it before. Can you say Miami and blocked punt?

or go to YouTube to watch it. I feel their pain...really.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Bracket Does Not Define Me

I refuse to support Pitt even though I have them advancing in my bracket. I refuse to cheer Ohio State over Georgetown even though that's what I have in my bracket. I cannot root for Duke over any team despite having them in my Elite Eight. I may have certain teams advancing in my bracket but that does not mean I will actually hope for them to win. My bracket does not define me or who I want to win. Oh, and in other news, my bracket is in bad shape.

Anyway, WVU is in the Sweet 16 for the second straight year. Take a moment to think about that...Sweet 16. Only 16 teams remain playing in the entire country. Out of 326 Division I schools that started the season, WVU is one of only 16 left. That's pretty amazing. Kentucky, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse...all of those teams have already been disposed of. But not West Virginia. Pretty cool if you ask me. Can they move on? Sure...they just need to continue to play good basketball.

Of course, WVU is not the Cinderella of this year's tournament...that title will go to Bradley, the improbable MVC team that took out Pittsburgh. Or, it could go to George Mason who found a way to stop Tyler Hansbrough and the 2005 champion Tarheels. Or maybe Wichita State...can you believe that either George Mason or Wichita State is goingt to be in the Elite Eight. There's no way around that happening. Somewhere, Billy Packer is choking on the fact that the Missouri Valley Conference got 2 teams into the Sweet 16. Packer is definitely not a big fan of the mid-majors and low-majors getting the at-large bids. Too bad, Billy. Looks like you were a man and admit it like Jim Nantz.

In other NCAA tournament news, I'm about sick of the same commercials over and over again. I will never buy anything that Coach K is selling so give it a break. Do you really belive Coach K drives a Chevy? I don't care about Taco Bell's Chicken Caesar Taco. The Southwest Airlines commercials made me laught...but not after the 75th viewing when I started questioning if a basketball could really blow up like that. The insane State Farm fan would be kicked out of any real you think a State Farm agent would really put up with that? And I don't know where Applebee's found the "Three Hour Tew-errrrr" guys but it may be the most annoying commercial ever made. And that was the first time I saw it. 300 viewing later...well, if I ever see those guys on the street...ah, they don't want me to see them on the street. And ditto for Doogie Howser...I don't care how he met your mother.

How about Burger King's bucking chicken? Or the "You go strong to your mouth" commercial? What kind of marketing geniuses at McDonald's decided to make a commercial about a guy drinking coffee and realizing he is married? Does that make me want McDonalds? No. And Cingular's "March Sadness" commercials just make me mad. Why? Because I heard the news reporter tonight talke about March Sadness for Pitt. That's Cingular's fault. Give me a break. But I guess that's life during these types of sporting events.

Ah, but that's all for now. Congratulations again to John Beilein and the Mountaineers. I guess the next game will be Thursday against either NC State or Texas...but it looks more like Texas as I type this. And Georgetown looks to have Ohio State under control. Until then, 10 < 50 if you didn't know that. Thanks Powerade.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Adios Mike Davis!

With their loss tonight to Gonzaga, the Mike Davis era at Indiana has finally come to a close...only about 5 years too late. I wasn't anti-Mike Davis because he replaced Bobby Knight and I wasn't anti-Davis because I didn't like Indiana. I was anti-Davis because he whined from the moment he arrived that he wasn't being accepted by the Indiana fans He constantly complained about how hard it was to be Indiana's coach after Knight. He told the media that the fans of Indiana wanted Knight back. He basically took every opportunity he was given to imply the Indiana fans who criticized him were hicks and racists. Wonder why he was never accepted by the Hoosier faithful?

Do you think WVU fans would have accepted John Beilein if he acted like Davis? I mean, Beilein wasn't WVU's first choice (Huggins) and there were a lot of complaints his first couple years about his system. Did he whine about it? Did you hear him talk badly about the fans of West Virginia? No, he stuck to his guns and worked and now he has endeared himself to Mountaineer fans everywhere. Davis could have done the same but he wanted sympathy. Or maybe Davis really did feel unwanted and decided to use the media as his therapist. I don't know about you...but, that's not the kind of coach I'd want. Give me Beilein...or Knight...just not Mike Davis.

Gonzaga eliminated Davis and Indiana...which makes me happy. However, I have had just about all I can take of Adam Morrison. I have tried to like Morrison all year...I mean, if my only alternative is Redick, I have to take Morrison. But his ball pounding and face slapping and, well, just constant insanity has finally turned me against him. I want good basketball...I don't need this crazy man act. He's lucky Marco Killingsworth didn't take his head off.

Alright, that's about it for tonight. Mountaineers tip tomorrow around 2:45. Get out the blue and gold...

Ohhhh My! It's the Shockers...

My favorite team in the Sweet 16 so far has to be the Shockers of Wichita State. Are they this year's West Virginia? I like them for a couple, they are the Shockers. Shockers. Is there a better mascot than the Shocker? Second, they beat Tennessee...more specifically, they beat Bruce Pearl. That's awesome.
Duke advanced to the Sweet 16 for the 9th consecutive year...not so awesome.

Ah, anyway...West Virginia had no problem disposing of Southern Illinois on Friday. They looked fresh and ready...I'm very optimistic at this point. Especially considering they will play 14-seed Northwestern State in the 2nd round. Who had Northwestern State beating Iowa on their bracket? Be honest. That's didn't. Best parts about the win? Pittsnogle looked good for most of the game. Gansey was still playing at the end...and finally hit a couple 3's. The bench play was surprisingly strong...I think Summers got more playing time than he had in most of the games this year and Beilein, Ruoff and Nichols all received playing time. Overall, a strong performance. Hopefully Gansey continues his upward momentum.

Anyone who didn't believe in Wisconsin-Milwaukee learned to believe...until they played Florida. But I never said they'd get beyond the second round...I just knew they'd beat Oklahoma. And how about the contest that Albany gave UConn? Closer than I would like to see from my predicted national champions.

Bradley beating Kansas hurt my bracket a little. But Bucknell's upset win over Arkansas was welcomed. All in all, looks pretty good. I still have 14 of my Sweet 16 alive and no one has lost that I have advancing beyond that point...but there's still a lot of games left today and tomorrow. And if Illinois loses, that hurts. Syracuse has been my most devastating loss so far. Why would I have them advance after the curse I put on them the other day? I don't know. I'm an idiot.

But, anyway, that's about it. WVU will most likely be in the Sweet 16 again this year which is awesome. It will be the first back-to-back appearance for the Mountaineers in the Sweet 16 since 1959-1960. That's a long time ago. Everyone better be enjoying this...we're living in the modern Golden Age of Moutaineer sports.

Friday, March 17, 2006

State of the Bracket Address

Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to announce that the State of the Bracket is confident and strong. The Bracket has been blessed by good teams who have managed to win depite the efforts of outside forces. The attempts by some to degrade the Bracket have failed. I'll admit, Witchita State took a good shot at hurting the Bracket. Alabama knocked the Bracket around a bit. But, teams like Boston College and Tennessee rallied to keep the Bracket alive. And I am proud of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for doing its part to keep the Bracket towards the top.

To make the Bracket stronger and more dynamic, we must ask some teams to fulfill the potential they have. Nevada did not fulfill this potenial and let Montana beat them which was a blow to the Bracket. But, for every Nevada, there is a George Washington that finds a way to continue on and increase the overall status of the Bracket.

For the first 16 games, the Bracket had 11 victories compared to 5 losses. This is acceptable but still not the perfection we look for. Today must be better. We must join forces to ensure that the Bracket remains successful. I call on Bucknell, North Carolina State and West Virginia to do their part in keeping the Bracket at the top. With their help, and yours, we can make the Bracket the best in the world.

Thank you, God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wait a Minute...

It's funny to me how people like Scoop Jackson at ESPN continue to defend Bonds despite the overwhelming evidence that is mounting against him. (Yeah, I positive tests but, then again, I haven't seen any positive tests for McGwire or Sosa but that doesn't stop the mudding of their names). People like Scoop want to blame McGwire because Bonds was jealous...or blame Sosa because of the press he was getting. Or, blame Major League Baseball because they didn't have rules against performance enhancing druges.

WAIT A MINUTE...last I checked, steroids were illegal. The fact baseball didn't have a "rule" against them doesn't make them legal. It is against federal law to possess, sale or use steroids without a doctor's approval. No ifs, ands or buts. MLB doesn't have the power to usurp the federal law. Neither does Bonds. Bonds was breaking a federal law every time he used "the cream" or "the clear" or injected whatever in his posterior.

Why is it that McGwire has been thrown under the bus while Bonds has been given a pass? There is less evidence against McGwire than there is against Bonds. Yes, Mark's testimony at the Congressional hearing was atrocious. But, he never said he used steroids and no one, to date, has proved that he did. Ditto with Bonds. But it appears the facts are lining up against Bonds more and more everyday.

If he is guilty, Bonds should be forced from baseball. And, yes, his records should be removed. I don't care if baseball had a rule against steroids or doesn't have a rule against murder or rape or a lot of other common sense things but if you break those laws, you are out of baseball. People who commit those crimes might not have records erased but what Bonds did cheated the records and cheated the fans. Bonds needs to

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In lieu of an update...

I point you to Deadspin's recent facts about West Virginia U. and Southern Illionois: NCAA Pants Party

You gotta still have love for that great prospect, Jon Harget...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Bracketology Pt. 2

Alright, back to the brackets...I've already said that all the 1, 2 and 3 seeds will advance to the second, how about the 4s? LSU should dispose of Iona, Kansas is rolling..should have a problem with Bradley. Illinois and Boston College also move on. So, seeds 1-4, I have zero upsets. That's pretty unusual for my brackets.

As far as 5's, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Washington and Nevada move on as upsets. Yeah, I'm a little suspect about that upsets for the first 5 seeds...come on. But, hey, I go with my gut and it says these teams move on to the second round. I really do have some upsets later in my bracket.

6's? West Virginia, San Diego State (my first upset), Michigan State and Wisconsin-Milwaukee (another upset). I don't like Indiana...Davis isn't coming back next year and I don't think they're going to win. As far as Wisconsin-Milwauke...well, I just like them. But it is definitely a dangerous pick having them beat Oklahoma.

For the 7's, I have California, Marquette, Northern Iowa (Sorry G-Town) and Seton Hall. Seton Hall defeating Wichita State will really hurt because it will be my last chance to say "the Shockers will play tomorrow night." Lastly, the 8/9's, the snubbed George Washington, Bucknell, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

I'll release my full bracket at a later date...but those are my first round picks and, as always, I stand behind them 100%. I know you want to know have far I have WVU going...well, not as far as last year but a successful year nonetheless. More later...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bracketology Pt. 1, WVU...and other stuff

Well, what do I think of the brackets? Hmmm...where to start? It's going to take all week to get all this in...I'll start slowly. First, I think Cincinatti getting snubbed was a mistake. I think they had the resume to get into the dance and I'm surprised the selection committee would put an Air Force in and leave the Bearcats out. I guarantee they were left out because 8 other Big East teams were already in. The committee didn't want 9 teams in from a single conference...8 was already a record. But, Cincinatti was robbed.

West Virginia will draw Southern Illinios in the first round. Scary game. The Sulukis posted a 22-10 record in the much-hyped Missouri Valley Conference. More information on the Suluki players can be found at or somewhere else...I'm not going to go into the matchups and everything because everyone else is and I don't see any reason to repeat their work.

West Virginia's chances could rest solely on the ability of Mike Gansey to get back on track. I've heard some rumors about his ailments...but the official story is an abdominal strain. He has really looked worn out the past couple weeks and his play has been sub-par. If he and Pittsnogle can't get back on the same page, the Mountaineers could find an early exit from the NCAA's this year. I would be really upset if that happened but I refer to an earlier article about what a great team this has been. I hope they can go deep...I think, at the end of the game, WVU will find a way to move past Southern Illinois and get a chance to play Iowa in the 2nd round. The play of Herber and Collins will be instrumental in this first round game.

I don't see any upsets coming for the #1 seeds in the first round...each should move on without problem. All four #2 seeds will advance as well but I disagree with seeding Tennessee as a 2. I thought Gonzaga, despite the close games, was more deserving of a #2 seed. Speaking of Gonzaga, they could have some trouble with Xavier but I would be real surprised if any of the 3 seed fell. So, to recap, I have every 1, 2 and 3 seed advancing to the 2nd round. I'll continue predicitons tomorrow.

As for other complaints to the committee, I think George Washington was seeded to low at an 8, especially when you consider they will have to play Duke in the second round should they get there. I think this shows a complete lack of respect for the A-10 given the great season that GW had (26-2 overall, 16-0 in conference play; excluding tournament). I thought Pittsburgh was seeded too low following their late run and 24-7 overall record (RPI: 8). I also thought Boston College might put up a run for a 3-seed but I can't argue too much with a 4. UNC could have been a 2 if they had beaten BC. UNC second round against Michigan State could be an awesome game...Hansbrough v. Davis. I'll make predictions for lower seeds starting tomorrow...

Aside from basketball, I watched a couple games of the World Baseball Classic last night. The United States defeated Japan 4-3 after a controversial base tag call and a foot pulled off the bag. It was a great game...I was surprised. Then, I saw Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic play some. The crowd was so into was pretty awesome. I think the WBC is far more important to other countries than it is to the United States...we kinda yawned at the idea. They are genuinely invigorated by it. I'm not sure anyone in the US was paying attention until Canada pulled the upset against us and nearly knocked us out of it completely. I can't wait to watch more...I'm exicted by it now. Hope to see the US play Cuba and/or the Dominican Republic at some point.

The one thing that struck me during the Dom/Pur game was that Dominican pitcher Bartolo Colon is huge. I mean this guy looks like he should be playing on the offensive line somewhere. He is a big boy. Oh, and for the A-Rod haters out there, he got the game winning hit for the United States. Sorry.

I'm now getting ready to watch the finale of the Flavor of Love on VH1 in which Flavor Flav chooses his woman. If you haven't seen this show, you need to watch's hilarious. I don't know how VH1 signed Flavor to all this garbage, but he's pure gold...including his teeth.

Selection Sunday is Here

Is there anything worse than Duke winning? Seriously. It just kinda ruins my day. The sky gets darker...the sun goes away. Syracuse and Duke are on my most disliked team list for this NCAA tournament. The comparisons of Redick to McNamara by Dookie V only strengthened my opinion of both teams. Why could the Reverend Al "Green" Skinner lead Boston College to the win over the Dookies? That will be the last time I ever cheer for Boston College.

When officials call off a basket due to a foul or a walk or whatever, they wave their arms in a fashion similar to a missed field goal in football. I get that...but I don't understand the rest of their motion...they kinda skip on one leg with the other leg in a half kick and bounce about 4 steps out on to the court. This isn't an isolated happens all the time. Why? Sometimes they do the same move in conjunction with a charge. Is it for emphasis? Is it required? I'm serious about this question.

The Cameron Crazies say that Sean May eats babies. But, seriously, look at Sheldon Williams. He seriously looks like a man who would eat a child or two. And maybe a fully grown adult.

Dickie V was in full Dook mode for the entire Boston College/Duke game. I'm guessing his comments went 70/30 pro-Duke. My favorite moment is when Williams made a block (and a foul with a no-call) and Dickie V said "There was no foul there?" And then caught who he as talking about and said "that's just physical play." And then he was pleased with a foul called on the other side on a similar play. Ah, Dickie V.

There's an at-large team somewhere that got really lucky that Florida held on to beat South Carolina. The Gamecocks were close...making a great run at the end of the game but a failed blockout ended their hopes of an NCAA berth.

Only a couple hours away from the NCAA Tourney selections. Should be interesting...I'll write on that stuff either tonight or tomorrow...well, sometime before the games begin.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Championship Week Disappointments Me (Esp. the Big East Tourney)

I've spent my entire Saturday afternoon and evening watching basketball. And just about every game has gone the exact opposite of how I wanted them to go. Please, Duke lose to Wake Forest. Duke beat Wake Forest. Please, UNC beat Boston College. The Eagles beat the 'Heels. I wanted St. Joes to win...nope. I wanted Vermont to get back to the NCAA this year. Nope. I wanted McCain to be man enough to see the results at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference...and, again, I was disappointed.

And, most of all, I wanted Syracuse to lose. Not necessarily so Pitt would win...but, I just wanted the Orange to go down. I'm tired of them...but, alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Some observations from the Big East Championship Game:

  • I think Jim Boeheim applies a little makeup for the game...I can't say for sure but it sure looks like he's been powered. "I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille"
  • With 25 seconds left, Syracuse forced a turnover by committing an obvious foul that really ended the game. Officials for the game: Tim Higgins and JIM BURR!!!
  • When Devendorf fouled a Pittsburg player with 19.1 seconds left, Boeheim looked a little like Satan staring him down.
  • McNamara pouted when he didn't get to shoot free throws with 17.4 seconds left. If you didn't know, the Big East tournament is all about Gerry McNamara.
  • Devondorf loves to pound his chest. He's down brother.
  • The Krauser/Larry Bird comparison was, ummmm, weird.
  • Syracuse's run to the Big East championship this year was a "miracle" according to Dan Shulman.
  • Devendorf's small tantrum where it appeared that he was cussing the crowd following the game was pretty funny. We have 3 more years of this punk.
  • Gerry McNamara cried after every game in the tournament. I did too.
  • Syracuse is the repeat Big East champion. I really hope they are a quick out in the NCAA tournament because I can't stand anymore Boeheim or McNamara or Devendorf this year.

And, a few other things:

  • I'm predicting that WVU will be a #6 seed in the NCAA tournament. Oh boy...
  • Albany will be making their first ever appearance in the NCAA tournament after beating Vermont.
  • UCLA won their first Pac-10 Tourney since 1987. Hard to believe it has been that long.
  • Other automatics: Hampton, Kent State, Memphis
  • Sorry Seton'll be in the NIT. At least that's my prediction. No way the Big East gets 9 teams in the NCAA. Someone has to be left out and I think they are most like. Big sad face for the Pirates :-(
  • J.J. Redick fell during the Duke/Wake game and the world came to a stop until he ran back on the court.
  • I felt bad for St. Joseph's, who lost to Xavier. I thought the officiating during that game was pretty poor too.
  • I don't want to play Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Please!
  • Hey, at least Kentucky lost...
  • And, if you want to see Allan Ray's eye fall out, go here. But, I warn you, it is kinda disturbing. I'm glad he's going to be alright.

And, I think that's about it for the night.

Memo to Dick Vitale

Dear Dick,

Please shut up. You have made it nearly impossible for me to watch NCAA basketball in which you commentate. I had to turn off the ACC tournament because of your annoying voice and your innane comments. You completely ruined both the FSU/Duke and UNC/BC games for me. I had to play XBox and tune into the game only occassionally to get the score but I couldn't stand watching.

I am tired of hearing you talk about Duke and Coach K when they are not on the court. I am tired of hearing about the ACC during other conferences games. I do not care if J.J. Redick and Adam Morrison are your top two choice for player of the year if they are not on the court. I do not care that you think Sheldon Williams is the greatest player alive. If I am watching UNC/BC, I do not want to hear about Duke or Gonzaga or any other team for more than a second. Please focus on the game in which you are watching.

I will agree with you that the alternate possession rule on jump balls is bad. However, I do not want to hear your opinion on it every time there is a jump ball. I know your opinion. Thank you for sharing the first 1,000 times. Stop it now.

Quit lobbying for coaches to get jobs. Do you think that you mentioning that they are a good assistant coach on tv is going to get them an interview? Thanks for the compliment to some of the coaches but please stop it. I think that if I were an A.D. and you recommended a coach to me, I would mark them off my list.

Please stop using phrases like PTPer (Prime Time Player), Diaper Dandy and Maalox Masher. I am tired of them. The fact that you must use at least two of the three phrases every game at least 12 times drives me crazy. Thus, I must mute you.

It's not too late for you though, Dick. Come out of the closet as a true disciple of Coach K and quit pretending to be unbiased. Come out and explain to the CBB fans that every time you take to the air, you are a talking head for the Duke recruiting program and end the suspicion. And then, call only Duke home games except for UNC/Duke which should be called by normal commentators so the general public can watch.

I implore you to follow my advice. If you love college basketball as much as you say you do, you will.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I Don't Like McNamara

Hey, I'll be the first to admit that he played a heckuva game against UConn and Georgetown. And the win over both was pretty remarkable...but, I'm afraid that if I was a Georgetown player, I would have punched him in the nose following the game after the final turnover. He was pounding the floor and yelling at Georgetown players. Is that a guy with class? Is that the kind of guy Boeheim will go balistic over? I'm just not so sure...

I really hope whoever they play in the Championship game beats them...not sure who it will be yet but I want them to win. I'm just not a 'Cuse fan...and I've become less of one as the days go by.

Oh, and just some wrapup stuff...
  • I don't know how I let this slip by a week or so ago but Tommy Maddox was released by the Steelers. Let us all remember him as he was...throwing some great inteceptions.
  • You need to watch this video on with a clip from ESPNews. I will warn has a bad word...
  • "Bong Hits 4 Jesus"is protected speech...huh?
  • How can anyone honestly support Barry Bonds? (I know it's satirical)

And, that's all I can think of...I'm outta here...

How Fast Can YOU Jump?

So, how fast can everyone get off the West Virginia bandwagon? That seems to be the question this morning...people are stomping each other to get off. Yes, I was prepared to write an entire article about how the Mountaineers wouldn't get past the 2nd round and about how they don't play as a team as they once did. I was going to write about Gansey's injury and the death of the team if he can't play. I was going to write about how the officials gave WVU every call and they still couldn't take advantage. But, then I read some messages that I saw...things like: "Calling first round out for the mounties...they play with no enthusiasm anymore..." and "WVU=overrated" and "at school, where the mountaineers bball team should be cuz they def. arent gonna win a game in the ncaa tourney..." and more of the, I changed my mind. I'm not going to pile on to this team that accomplished a whole lot...instead, I will defend them today.

1) WVU has overachieved since Beilein arrived. He has taken a bunch of players no one (aside from Richmond and St. Bonaventure) wanted and turned them into a national powerhouse. No one expected the Elite Eight run last year and no one should have expected it this year.

2) WVU has still had a good season this year. Playing in the toughest conference in the nation, this team managed to finish 3rd in the Big East and received a bye in the tournament. Granted, they lost in the Second Round, but they were still there...4-teams in the Big East didn't even get that far.

3) They have hung around the Top 25 all year which means tons of national exposure for the team and for the university. And that helps recruiting. The ramifications of the success of this team will be felt for years to come. When was the last time that happened for WVU basketball...the '50s?

4) They're not done. Yes, they could lose in the 1st or 2nd round...or they could go to the Elite Eight again...or better. Who knows? It's a weird team...don't count them out.

But, regardless of what they do in the NCAA tournament, this is a team that has been largely successful and brought enthusiasm back to WVU basketball. How many people cared about WVU basketball in 2001? How many thought this team was done after the Hargett problems and Catlett leaving and Dakich running away? I did. I know you did too. But look at where we're at today...crying because WVU might now get to the Elite Eight or the Big East championship game. I feel your pain too...but, don't forget that you wouldn't be watching if it weren't for this special team.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Could Gonzaga Bust My Bracket?

Brackets haven't been made yet...conference championships still need to be completed and Selection Sunday needs to occur...but, I'm already scared. One team stands above the rest as the giant question mark in my mind...GONZAGA! More than West Virginia and North Carolina...more than Georgetown and Texas, Gonzaga could be the team that completely obliterates my bracket because I can't get them past the second round despite not knowing who they will play.

It took Gonzaga overtime to beat San Diego and then they had to rely on a botched layup to beat a sub-.500 Loyola-Marymount. The Bulldogs haven't necessarily had the toughest schedule in the nation either yet they will probably land a 2-seed in the tournament and, with a hot Adam Morrison, could make a run. But, I won't have them making a, this is a team that scares me. Not that the other 64 don't scare me too...

The WVU women almost pulled the remarkable upset. Coming into the Big East Tournament, the WVU woment were 12-15 and the lowest seed to make the 12-team tourney. Well, 3 upsets later and the Mountaineers are playing UConn for the Big East title. And they almost pulled it off. But, a charge and some bad shots cost the Mountaineers a chance at the crown and at the NCAA tournament...hopefully the NIT will call since the women almost won that tournament last year.

And, tomorrow begins the Men's Big East Tournament...hopefully the WVU guys were watching the women play and got inspired. Right now, WVU is a 4-seed heading into the NCAA. A first round loss in Big East play could drop them to a 5 or 6 and make the first round really tough.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

WVU and Carolina

My two favorite teams in the entire college basketball universe: West Virginia and North Carolina. No other team can come close...UNC, the kings of college basketball and defending national champion. WVU, a constant underdog...not necessarily big time but able to cause some damage from time to time. UNC = championship contender. WVU = Sweet 16 contender. Well, that's normally the way it is...but not this year.

WVU was returning a batch of seniors that had led the team to an improbable Elite Eight run the previous year. WVU was a Final Four lock for many in the preseason...a championship caliber team. UNC was losing their top 7 scorers after winning the national championship...Roy Williams was playing a bunch of freshmen and, with luck, they would be above .500 at the end of the season. Well, now fortunes have reversed a bit...UNC is playing like a championship team, WVU is struggling a bit.

Now, I'm not saying the WVU can't make a run deep into the tourney. And, I'm not saying UNC couldn't lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament. But it clearly appears these teams are heading in opposite directions with UNC winning 10 of their last 11, including a win over #1 Duke at Cameron Indoor, while WVU has lost 5 of their last 8, including losses to Cincinnatti and St. Johns. I'm not sure where these teams will end up, but the fact is that a Sweet 16 appearance by UNC is a huge victory for that young team while anything but an Elite Eight appearance by WVU will be considered a major disappointment. Hopefully both will do even better than that...

Also, congratulations to the WVU women who have become the first ever #12 seed to advance to the semifinals in the Big East tournament. I believe that improved their record to 14-15. That might have been enough to get them an invitation to the's been a long year for the girl's basketball squad.

If you haven't been paying attention to the NFL collective bargaining agreement negotiations, you will be if there isn't an agreement tonight. If the cap isn't raised, there's going to be a lot of releases made tonight. The NFL may never be the same...good thing the Steelers got that Super Bowl victory this year.

Just some other points real quick:
  • I think the Big East has earned 9 bids to the NCAA. Villanova, UConn, WVU, Pitt, Georgetown, Marquette, St. Johns, Cincinatti and Syracuse. But Syracuse needs to win at least one, maybe two games in the Big East tournament to secure their bid.
  • Kentucky, even with their win over TN, hasn't earned a bid but they'll get one.
  • I hope Duke and Gonzaga play in the Sweet 16. I'm not sure I will like either team but I really hate Duke.
  • The Big Ten isn't that good...I don't care what anyone says.
  • The laptops in my office are done...I have prepared over 25 laptops already this year for use...and that doesn't include the ones I retired.
  • James Bond should not ever appear nude in a movie...seriously.

And, that's all for today...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rushing the Court

Okay...West Virginia fans took some heat for rushing the court following their win over #9 Pittsburgh on Monday. I chalked that rush up to beating Pitt in the final game at home for the seniors rather than rushing the court because you beat the #9 team in the nation...different circumstances. Additionally, the WVU fans seemed somewhat in control on their was a celebration, not a riot. Still, though, I am not in favor of ever rushing the court really...act like you've been there...but, overall, I wasn't too embarrassed.

However, tonight, when Florida State beat Duke, well, FSU should be extremely embarrassed. Florida State fans rushed the court not once but twice. The first time with 1.7 seconds remaining in the game. The refs assessed Florida State with a technical foul which gave Duke 2 free throws to close to within 3 points. Coach K, in fear for his players safety, had those not still in the game exit the floor and head to the locker room. And, when the final buzzer sounded the Florida State won by 5, the fans rushed for a second time. And, I'm not talking a normal rush...this was an all out, step on the bodies, mad dash to center court. It looked rather dangerous and, if I were the FSU coach, I would have followed the lead of my least favorite coach and gotten my players off the court quickly.

This is a dangerous situation for coaches and players. Security should keep fans from coming onto the court in all circumstances...just like they have begun to do in football. Fans do not belong on the court whether you beat #9 Pitt or #1 Duke...stay off the court. It creates hazards for everyone involved. Coach K, as much as I dispise him and his players, should not have to worry about fan involvement in a hostile environment. Yell, boo, cheer, heckle, chant...those are to be accepted. Storming the court, no.

AHHHH...My Eyes Burn

Be prepared...this is the most horrible picture I have ever seen:

No, that isn't Serena Williams's Barry "I didn't use steroids...well, maybe by accident" Bonds. Now, I heard on PTI last night about how this makes Barry "human" and more "likeable" and shows he has a "sense of humor." Wrong. This shows Barry is trying to make a television show.

In case you hadn't heard, Barry Bonds is going to star in his own reality TV show. And, yesterday, the day this picture was taken, was the first day of taping. Coincidence? I think not. Barry is not "human"...he is a freak show and this just proves it. I really don't like Barry Bonds...especially in drag.