Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Administration - Taking Jobs

Unemployment is high, energy costs are going up and the government is trying to spend money it doesn't have. So, to make things better, we're going to shut down coal operations in West Virginia? How does this even make sense? Apparently West Virginia's unemployment rate isn't high enough for the Obama Administration. And cheap energy from coal? Well, why should Americans have any break on energy costs?

This Administration is proving to be so much more incompetent than I could have ever imagined. It would be almost comical if American's livelihoods weren't at stake. The damage being done now may never be undone. When the EU President is a voice of economic reason, there is something seriously wrong with the way things are being handled in the States.

Other countries are balking at buying American debt. The dollar is plunging amid fears of massive inflation and devaluing of American currency. Other countries are floating the idea of dropping the dollar as the world standard for currency. This is serious and has far more reaching implications than just high unemployment. But too many Americans are caught up in the euphoria from this "historic" administration to see the dangers that lie ahead. This administration is historic...but for all the wrong reasons.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big East Rules

Five Big East teams remain among the final 16 in this year's NCAA tournament. Not bad considering only 7 Big East teams were picked. Compare that to the two from the Big Ten and ACC despite the fact they also received 7 bids each. Funny considering some pundits thought the Big Ten should have as many as 9 bids this season. At the end, I think it shows the Big Ten is pretty weak and the ACC is having an off year. The Big East is the best in college basketball. Whether that translates into a national title is yet to be seen.

Is anyone really suprised WVU lost the opening round game? I'm not. I had them beating Dayton but it definitely wasn't because I believed they would. Thankfully I had them losing in the 2nd round. There's something missing from WVU's play and it's just not that we don't have a big man inside. The offense is anemic -- we rely completely on offensive rebounds to win games. Poor shooting will lead to losses and WVU has shot poorly.

On the other side, was anyone surprised that Michigan advanced to the 2nd round and gave Oklahoma a run? John Beilein is a heckuva coach. It's hard not to continue to enjoy Beilein's style of play. Michigan will be a top tier team in the Big Ten next year.

Lastly, how much longer until the United State is bankrupt? Obama is now talking about another $1 Trillion dollars in bad debt acquirement by the government. Where is this money coming from? China is already balking at buying more American debt. The dollar is dropping. We're devaluing our currency and soon will be hit with crippling inflation. Or at least that's the scenario I'm starting to see develop. What is the gameplan of the Obama Administration? I don't see one. I can't understand a word this supposedly articulate politician says. His contradictions already define his administration. And Congress may be even more confused than the president. Say what you will but the Bush administration was far more transparent than this supposedly transparent administration.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Stuff

Haven't updated in a, I'll just throw a bunch of things together real fast:
  • If George W. Bush made the "Special Olympics" joke that Barack Obama made on Leno, there would be marches in Washington DC by now. I'm not saying the joke was really that bad but I am saying there is a huge double-standard in how the press covers those types of events.
  • Perhaps this wouldn't have happened if Obama's Teleprompter had been used. It amazes me that the press has built this guy up as the most articulate president ever and he can't speak without the use of verbatim notes.
  • I dislike greatly Duke and Coach K but I have to give him props on recommending the president focus more on the economy than his NCAA picks. Perhaps he should spend more time on foreign relations than who is in his bracket.
  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to love Barack Obama. The signals have been sent that the United States is weak on foreign policy and definitely doesn't have the backbone to backup rhetoric with force. We just want to play nice with everyone. Iran will have a nuclear bomb in a couple years...that will be nice.
  • I can't get WVU past Kansas in my bracket. I tried...just doesn't work. Hopefully they can get by Dayton today.
  • The AIG bonus mess has been projected through a very bias prism. If people were guaranteed money by a business, that business should pay that money. This is why the government should not be involved in private business. I am more offended by the corruption in Washington and the gifts our "representatives" receive. Perhaps those gifts should be taxed 100%. I would definitely be in favor of that course of action.
  • Lastly, is there any politician more disturbing than Nancy Pelosi? Google her...check her out. She's atrocious.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Burning Bridges

Obviously the British press isn't overly impressed with the "Chosen One":

Obama is over his head and drowning. He can't give a speech without a teleprompter. He can't figure out the economy. And it's becoming evident that he doesn't know what to do with foreign policy. And yet people in this country remain oblivious. Eventually the honeymoon will have to end...and it will be a rude awakening.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jim Cramer's Response to the White House

I think this is all for today:

It's amazing that the White House is taking on individuals who disagree with their plans just to stifle opposition. And it's scary.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Conservatives are often labled as anti-green or anti-environment. I'm not sure that's a very fair assessment of the conservative position on the environment. I am very much in favor of clean air and water. I am very much in favor of not littering. I turn down the heat in the winter when I'm not home and turn off the air conditioner in the summer when I'm out. I bought rechargeable batteries and drive a car that gets 25 MPG. Shoot, I even bought those spiral lights that are environmentally friendly. But, I don't do those things for the right reason -- I do it to save money, not the environment. So that makes me anti-green.

My problem with the enviromental movement begin with the notion that we must suffer to make things right again. We must pay more for energy to right our environmental sins. We can't make the small changes that I said above but, instead, we must completely give up our way of life according to many environmentalists. Green has become a de facto religion for many on the far left with Man being a scourge upon the earth. We must either repent and suffer for our environmental sins or face an oncoming environmental apocalypse.

Personally, I just don't think that way. I am pro-environment as long as it makes sense. Obama's green initiatives are mostly subsidies for alternative energies that would lose money if they didn't receive subsidies. The long term plan is even more sinister. To force more people to use green energy, it must be cost effective. To make alternative fuels and energies more cost effective, Obama's initiative will find ways to raise prices on existing energies such as oil and coal. This, obviously, will be to the detriment of the American citizen since energy prices will sky rocket to give alternative energies some appeal.

Talk about destroying an economy. One of the few reliefs we have felt with this economy is the lower gas prices. If Obama has his way, those prices will return to $4 + or higher just to further the far left greenies. It is absolutely ridiculous to make people suffer just to satisfy a fringe group in this country. Progress can be made but we're not to a point that it is cost effective. Talk about taking a hit against the middle class...this will definitely hurt if Obama gets his way.

Why Limbaugh is Right

The White House is attacking Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican Party. They're not exactly right. Limbaugh might have the attention of the Republican Party but Limbaugh has long said he doesn't lead the Republicans. Nor does he run for office. If anything, Limbaugh leads the conservative base in this country. Not necessarily Republicans but rather a principle that can be taken up by Republicans, Democrats or Independents.

Conservative people typically vote Republican because the Republican party has often stood for conservatism when compared to the Democrat party. However, there are liberal Republicans as there are conservative Democrats. Limbaugh, much like other conservatives, do not have to agree with the Republican party. When George W. Bush expanded the government, conservatives protested. Conservatives raised concerns about the first $700 billion dollar bailout. Conservatives did not like the choice of John McCain. Conservatives, including some Democrats in the "Blue Dog Group" are concerned about the latest "stimulus" bill.

I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in lower taxes and less government intervention. I believe government hampers business. I am not against oversight but I do not believe the government should be interfering in the day-to-day operation of any business. I believe in free enterprise and that America works best in the private sector. And these are things that Limbaugh also happens to believe. And I believe that it is an American citizen's right to voice that opinion. As does Limbaugh. And it's because I am conservative first, and not a Republican first, that I can criticize Bush's expansion of government and bailout plan. It is because I am conservative first that I can compliment Joe Manchin's fiscal conservatism in keeping West Virginia in the black. I don't care if he's a Democrat as long as he follows basic economic principles to keep the state in check.

On a social agenda, I find myself at odds with some in the conservative base. There are many social arguments in which I just don't have an opinion. So I base 90% of my votes solely on the financial policies of the candidate. And that's the Number One reason why I'm having a hard time with Barack Obama. I don't believe his policies are going to advance this country. And I believe we are heading down the wrong direction. And, like Limbaugh, I don't want to see this country turn into a welfare state where the redistribution of wealth becomes the primary job of the state.

Lastly, I don't like the policy the White House has taken in trying to bully and intimidate opponents. They have tried to distort the words of anyone who publicly disagrees with their policy. They have obviously taken on Limbaugh and Hannity and, by doing so, pushed many Republicans back to their conservative ideals (thank you, White House). And they have taken on other journalists who voice their opinions. They have attacked Rick Santelli for disagreeing with the "stimulus" bill on CNBC in his famous "Chicago Tea Party" rant and now they are taking on Jim Cramer because the believes the White House is destroying wealth.

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the First Amendment guarantee Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press? Is it now not permissible to question the judgment of the White House? When the Press Corps was pushing a "Lose the War" agenda in Iraq and the White House called for a more balanced report, didn't the Press cite the First Amendment? Now the White House is trying bully the press even though a majority of the press has been favorable towards the "stimulus" bill. By calling out every critic and attempting to embarass their critics, they are trying to stifle opposition.

Anyway, I have strayed very far from my initial point. Limbaugh is right because he is standing up for conservatism. It doesn't matter whether it be a Republican or Democrat ideal...someone needs to stand up for conservatism and, for several months, he was the only person doing it. And that is the right thing to do...regardless of your party. In the next few days, I will try to explain what conservatism means to me...and why I'll vote for a conservative every time.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Closing in on Tournament Time

I've been so wrapped up in the political world and bailouts and "stimulus" packages that I've barely paid attention to college basketball. That all changes quickly this week as we close in on conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament. Nothing compares to March Madness.

So, some quick observations...
  • West Virginia is a lock for the tournament. The question is whether they will get a bye in New York or not. The loss to Cincinnati was unnecessary. They may need to beat Louisville on Saturday to avoid playing on Tuesday in the Big East tourney.
  • If Notre Dame didn't have the name Notre Dame, would anyone even consider them on the bubble for the NCAA tournament? They're horrible and Luke Harangody is a bum.
  • I kinda like Louisville to win the Big East tournament. Pittsburgh will choke and I just don't think UConn is going to do it. Mark down the Cardinals.
  • Oklahoma better hope Blake Griffin doesn't get injured again. Talk about the wheels falling off...
  • Watch out because Kansas is playing like the defending national champions. They completely decimated a good Missouri team on Sunday. They could go deep into the tournament and throw out some favorites.
  • Speaking of Kansas throwing out a favorite, I'm worried about North Carolina. The 30-point victory over Georgia Tech allayed some of my fears but there's still something amiss with this team. I hope to see strong games against V. Tech and dook. They're still my favorite for the tournament...I just have a few reservations.
  • The SEC is one weak basketball conference.

Some teams have a lot of work left to make the tournament. It should be a fun end of the year. Most of the teams I care about are already locked in. If Notre Dame doesn't make the cut, I'll be a happy person until the tournament actually begins.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I-79 Connector

I hadn't traveled down through State Street for a few months and was curious to see if any work had progressed on the I-79 connector to Downtown. Much to my surprise, there appears to be several areas in which there has been some work completed. Many houses are now gone and they've shut down the Dairy Mart and removed the gas pumps. If you don't want to travel the road, here are some pictures. Avoid it if you can...unless you have some good shocks. Trust me.

I'll travel the road again in a few months and see what changes there have been. I'll be anxious to see how much the economic slowdown delays progress on the connector...