Monday, March 02, 2009

Closing in on Tournament Time

I've been so wrapped up in the political world and bailouts and "stimulus" packages that I've barely paid attention to college basketball. That all changes quickly this week as we close in on conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament. Nothing compares to March Madness.

So, some quick observations...
  • West Virginia is a lock for the tournament. The question is whether they will get a bye in New York or not. The loss to Cincinnati was unnecessary. They may need to beat Louisville on Saturday to avoid playing on Tuesday in the Big East tourney.
  • If Notre Dame didn't have the name Notre Dame, would anyone even consider them on the bubble for the NCAA tournament? They're horrible and Luke Harangody is a bum.
  • I kinda like Louisville to win the Big East tournament. Pittsburgh will choke and I just don't think UConn is going to do it. Mark down the Cardinals.
  • Oklahoma better hope Blake Griffin doesn't get injured again. Talk about the wheels falling off...
  • Watch out because Kansas is playing like the defending national champions. They completely decimated a good Missouri team on Sunday. They could go deep into the tournament and throw out some favorites.
  • Speaking of Kansas throwing out a favorite, I'm worried about North Carolina. The 30-point victory over Georgia Tech allayed some of my fears but there's still something amiss with this team. I hope to see strong games against V. Tech and dook. They're still my favorite for the tournament...I just have a few reservations.
  • The SEC is one weak basketball conference.

Some teams have a lot of work left to make the tournament. It should be a fun end of the year. Most of the teams I care about are already locked in. If Notre Dame doesn't make the cut, I'll be a happy person until the tournament actually begins.

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