Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Conservatives are often labled as anti-green or anti-environment. I'm not sure that's a very fair assessment of the conservative position on the environment. I am very much in favor of clean air and water. I am very much in favor of not littering. I turn down the heat in the winter when I'm not home and turn off the air conditioner in the summer when I'm out. I bought rechargeable batteries and drive a car that gets 25 MPG. Shoot, I even bought those spiral lights that are environmentally friendly. But, I don't do those things for the right reason -- I do it to save money, not the environment. So that makes me anti-green.

My problem with the enviromental movement begin with the notion that we must suffer to make things right again. We must pay more for energy to right our environmental sins. We can't make the small changes that I said above but, instead, we must completely give up our way of life according to many environmentalists. Green has become a de facto religion for many on the far left with Man being a scourge upon the earth. We must either repent and suffer for our environmental sins or face an oncoming environmental apocalypse.

Personally, I just don't think that way. I am pro-environment as long as it makes sense. Obama's green initiatives are mostly subsidies for alternative energies that would lose money if they didn't receive subsidies. The long term plan is even more sinister. To force more people to use green energy, it must be cost effective. To make alternative fuels and energies more cost effective, Obama's initiative will find ways to raise prices on existing energies such as oil and coal. This, obviously, will be to the detriment of the American citizen since energy prices will sky rocket to give alternative energies some appeal.

Talk about destroying an economy. One of the few reliefs we have felt with this economy is the lower gas prices. If Obama has his way, those prices will return to $4 + or higher just to further the far left greenies. It is absolutely ridiculous to make people suffer just to satisfy a fringe group in this country. Progress can be made but we're not to a point that it is cost effective. Talk about taking a hit against the middle class...this will definitely hurt if Obama gets his way.

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