Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarah Palin???

I haven't necessarily been doing a great job of keeping up with the news but this Sarah Palin story has me completely confused. She resigning her job as governor of Alaska to ? Get ready to run for President? In 2012? Her term as governor was ending in 2010 so...

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't completely overwhelmed with her selection as McCain's running mate last year. I appreciated the fact that she energized the Republican base for a less than energizing candidate but I was never convinced that she was the right person for the job. And now I'm even more convinced that she wasn't the right person for the job.

If this is some strategy to run for President, it's a very poor one. Quitting in office is not a virtue. Sure, some may say she's stepping down because her heart isn't in running Alaska but I find that hard to believe. I'm wondering if there isn't a backlash against her growing in Alaska and there's a fear that Sean Parnell could lose in 2010 and embarass her in her home state. Or is there something even more sinister at work? There have been several investigations in her there a bigger one coming down the pike or a bigger one that has been threatened?

I'm not sure what's going on but this is definitely bizarre and doesn't make me want her as the Republican nominee in 2012. Given the current state of affairs, should the party look for someone a little more stable and predictable? You betcha.