Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Back, Brett Favre

I think I typed that title before...but I'm not going to check. Welcome back to the NFL, Brett Favre. You almost retired...almost. But, no, couldn't do it. You just wanted to raise the suspense. And just when it you had almost everyone convinced that you would actually retire, BOOM, you return.

I wasn't surprised. I had told people that he was returning to the Viking weeks before he actually did. Favre can't retire. Not until his arm falls off. And a chance to play for the Vikings and really stick it to the Packers was too much to resist. He couldn't come back during preseason workouts because, obviously, Favre is too good to actually practice with a team.

As I've said before, Brett Favre is all about Brett Favre. He worked with the Packers when it advanced his legacy. When it became apparent the Packers were done with his diva-like demands, the management kinda forced him out of town. He went to the Jets to try to make the Packers look idiotic for chasing him away. And now he's doing the same thing with the Vikings. Quite a risk...for Favre and the Vikings. Will be interesting to see how it plays out and whether Favre can usurp another NFL season with his drama. The only thing I know for sure: Somewhere John Madden is upset about retiring...