Monday, March 23, 2009

Big East Rules

Five Big East teams remain among the final 16 in this year's NCAA tournament. Not bad considering only 7 Big East teams were picked. Compare that to the two from the Big Ten and ACC despite the fact they also received 7 bids each. Funny considering some pundits thought the Big Ten should have as many as 9 bids this season. At the end, I think it shows the Big Ten is pretty weak and the ACC is having an off year. The Big East is the best in college basketball. Whether that translates into a national title is yet to be seen.

Is anyone really suprised WVU lost the opening round game? I'm not. I had them beating Dayton but it definitely wasn't because I believed they would. Thankfully I had them losing in the 2nd round. There's something missing from WVU's play and it's just not that we don't have a big man inside. The offense is anemic -- we rely completely on offensive rebounds to win games. Poor shooting will lead to losses and WVU has shot poorly.

On the other side, was anyone surprised that Michigan advanced to the 2nd round and gave Oklahoma a run? John Beilein is a heckuva coach. It's hard not to continue to enjoy Beilein's style of play. Michigan will be a top tier team in the Big Ten next year.

Lastly, how much longer until the United State is bankrupt? Obama is now talking about another $1 Trillion dollars in bad debt acquirement by the government. Where is this money coming from? China is already balking at buying more American debt. The dollar is dropping. We're devaluing our currency and soon will be hit with crippling inflation. Or at least that's the scenario I'm starting to see develop. What is the gameplan of the Obama Administration? I don't see one. I can't understand a word this supposedly articulate politician says. His contradictions already define his administration. And Congress may be even more confused than the president. Say what you will but the Bush administration was far more transparent than this supposedly transparent administration.

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