Saturday, August 26, 2006

Reflections on Week One

Well, obviously my predictions were not completely correct. East Fairmont won and West Fairmont lost. University rolled and so did Buck-Up. So, that wasn't bad...I wasn't horrendous like Chris Berman.

The biggest story out of Week 1 has to be West Fairmont's 21-7 loss to RCB and the loss of junior running back Jerry Kelly. While there is nothing official to report, I've heard that he may be lost for the season. I'm really hoping not because I just hate to see that. But, West may be in trouble...and the promising season in which they were to challenge Morgantown may be lost. It will be interesting to see how they rebound against North Marion...who is coming off a 46-13 drubbing at the hands of University.

On a positive side for Marion County, junior quarterback Carter DeVault threw 4 touchdowns as the Bees downed Elkins. The Bees overcame a slow first half to lay the Tigers out before the game was over 38-18. It's still too early to tell if this is the team that will break the 30-year playoff drought. The defense bent at times but never broke down. The offense looked pretty high powered behind DeVault and Sevier. The real test will be next week as the Bees host University.

And, that's about it for this morning. Maybe more this afternoon after I've had a little time to recover from the late return from Elkins.

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