Sunday, August 06, 2006

Random Things (Including Landis)

Well, I went to a retirement party last night for a friend. It was a lot of fun. But, I got to thinking: It's going to be like 30 years before I can have a retirement party. Maybe even 40. Who knows? With things going like they are, I may never be able to have a retirement party. That is pretty depressing. I want to retire now! But, since I can't, congratulations to Jim on his retirement.

A lot of people play horseshoes. And, well, up until today I thought the most dangerous part of the game was not getting far enough away from the pit and someone smack you with one of the shoes. Or you get a runner that chases you. Well, now there's a new danger that has been brought to my attention: Man's Buttocks Impaled By Horseshoe Stake. I don't even know what to say about that other than Ouch. I mean a really bad Ouch.

Floyd Landis is going to be stripped of his Tour de France championship. Sample B has come back positive and the doping agency said the testerone is synthetic. Landis has been pretty impressive in coming up with excuses for the he was ready for it. The results have been caused by cortisone shots, thyroid medication and drinking beer and whiskey. It has been caused by dehydration and "maximum effort." Maybe the best was the masseur with a grudge that rubbed a foreign substance on Landis. Regardless, Landis will be stripped of the championship and will be banned from US Cycling for at least 2-years and this will darken the cloud over cycling.

Quick baseball update: The Pirates are playing well...they may not lose 100 games if they continue to win. 7 wins in last 10 games. The injured Yankees hold a 1-game lead over the hated Red Sox. St. Louis is trying to give away the NL Central to the Reds. The NL West remains anyone's to take. The Detroit Tigers are awesome.

I'll try to get Big East Prediction No. 5 up today...if not, it will be tomorrow.

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