Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ernesto, Why Has Thou Foresaken Me?

Well, there's a chance this Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ernesto may come up the East Coast and hover around Morgantown on Saturday ruining the West Virginia/Marshall matchup. I am not very pleased about that news. Saturday was supposed to be a wonderful day...the opening on college football in Touchdown City and the beatdown of the Green Machine. But, instead, we may be seeing 20 MPH winds and downpours. That just doesn't seem right.

Legend has it that Fidel Castro once stood at the Cuban coastline and ordered a hurricane to miss the tiny island and the hurricane listened and completely missed Cuba. I wonder if we can get Don Nehlen or Sam Huff to stand outside Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium and force the rain to head to Pittsburgh? Or maybe Huntington? Or Boston? That would be sweet.

Anyway, it's about 60-degrees in my office as usual. I am about sick of needing to run a heater in my office when it's 80-degrees outside. I think it's time to build me a new with temperature controls that work. Just insane...

Lastly, if you're coming up to the Great American Italian Heritage Festival on Friday (during the day), let me know and I'll meet you on the street because, well, I'll be here not doing any work. Or if you're at East/West Stadium Friday night, or at the Mountaineer game on Saturday, track me down. Predictions for the Big Game will be tomorrow I think.

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