Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NCAA Rules Changes

I had seen this at the end of last year and wasn't real happy about it but I forgot. Thanks to Greg for reminding me and making me mad about it again...the NCAA once again has passed changes to the football rules that punish West Virginia. It's like the snap rule all over again...this time, it's the new clock rule.

In case you missed it, essentially the clock will run on changes in possession...so, if you punt to me, the clock will start immediately instead of after the first snap. The goal is to shorten the game...which, well, isn't necessarily a bad thing because the games are long. But, it completely changes the strategy used in the game and really hurts offensive minded teams, like WVU. Rich Rod thinks it could eliminate 2-3 offensive drives...which isn't good.

Additionally, it will really alter the game inside of 2 minutes...knowing that you can punt and the opposing team will have even less time to run their offense is a major advantage. The other rule is on the kick...the clock will start upon the foot hitting the ball instead of the receiver catching it. Once again, a disadvantage to teams that are down with little time left. Instead of being able to faircatch and save time, the clock is already running, plus it continues to run on the change of possession.

I really hate these rule changes...I mean, really hate them. Maybe they can tweak them inside of 2 minutes or something to try to give the trailing team a little more of a chance. I agree the games are long but I would rather see them long than take away chances for teams to score or make comebacks. If the new rules had been in place last year, WVU would have never beaten Louisville. Hopefully the changes don't cost WVU this year...

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