Thursday, August 03, 2006

Big East Predictions - No. 8

It's almost time...we've entered August and I'm ready to start counting down the 8 teams in the Big East to tell you, the general public, the best (and worst) of the Big East...and answer some burning questions such as: Can the Big East get two teams in the BCS? Will WVU go undefeated? Does Pitt really eat..., ummm, well, you get the idea. So, today, without further hesitation, I give you the No. 8 pick out of the Big East this year (oh, and I can't guarantee that I will do one a day but I'll try to.)

The Worst of the Big East? It was a close run for the bottom. The winner: WVU! No, really not. How about Syracuse? Yep, that's the winner.

Since the Orangemen changed their name to just The Orange, they've been pretty abysmal...but no less funny. The Orange...what a wussy name. Anyway, the 'Cuse's switch to the West Coast offense last year was pretty bad, leading them to a 1-10 record. The Orange was 117th in the nation in total offense and 116th in scoring...which won't lead you to many wins. Maybe a year running the West Coast will give them the experience needed to actually move the ball. But I'm not sure the talent is there for a high powered offense.

As for defense, Greg Robinson's a defensive kinda guy. The Orange defense wasn't horrible last year...they have a few holes to fill but the defense didn't lose games for was the atrocious offense. Kelvin Smith is an All-Big East linebacker and they have a couple good corners to depend on. Defensively, I see a pretty decent team.

But defense can't overcome zero points...and that's what will kill Syracuse this offensive production. Overall, the Orange post a 3-9 record (thank you Wyoming and either Wake Forest or Miami (OH)); 1-6 in conference. But they could upset anyone really...thanks to a their defense. But I'm guessing that by the end of the season, Syracuse will be begging to bring Paul Pasqualoni back. Greg Robinson should start looking around...

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