Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Big East Predictions - No. 4

Hey, it's that time again...time to get to the "top" of the Big East...the Final Four so to speak. Not really...No. 4 isn't very good. But, that position has been reserved for none other than the hated Pittsburgh Panthers.

The Panthers are coming off a pretty disappointing 5-6 season. Tyler Palko underachieved and looked pretty lost most of the season. Dave Wannstedt is going to want to move the ball on the ground this season but he probably doesn't have the backs to do it so a lot of season will rely on Palko's unreliable arm. Pitt's number one receiver, Greg Lee, graduated last year so it is going to be up to some freshmen to step it up and become targets. It's not going to be easy.

Defensively, Revis and Phillips could make Pitt's secondary one of the best in the Big East. But the Panthers are going to have to make some major improvements to stop the run and get a better rush on the passer. Pittsburgh's defense should be one of the better defenses in the conference thanks to a lot of experience.

Pitt could challenge for the Big East title this year. They have an entire season to prepare for their two biggest games: Louisville and West Virginia. And they play both at Heinz Field. However, the Panthers, as usual, will underachieve. 8-4 seems reasonable...with losses to WVa, Louisville, South Florida and Michigan State. If Pitt plays inspired ball, they could go undefeated...watch out!

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