Thursday, August 10, 2006

War on Terror?

Alright...I'm going to keep this very short for now but maybe I'll expand on this later. But, if you haven't paid attention to the foiled terror plot today, well, you should be. This wasn't an attack only on the United was targeting American passengers and American airlines as well. This was a continued assault on the Western way of life.

Can we negotiate with these people? No. These terrorists were ready to kill thousands of innocent civilians. They weren't lined up prepared for battle. They were boarding a plane to visit relatives or return home. They were traveling for business. They were children traveling with parents. The folks these terrorists are targeting are everyday people like you and I. Not prepared for military engagement.

I say it over and over again: You cannot reach compromise with people who want you dead. There is no middle ground between life and death. And anyone who does not believe we are fighting a war against terrorists are living in a dream world. How many more innocent civilians must die before the majority of Americans wake up and see that 9/11 was just the start of a battle that will continue to rage until one side or the other wins. Either we win or we are destroyed. There is no coexistence with these Islamic fascists. And today should serve as a reminder of that fact.

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