Monday, July 31, 2006

Booing Bonds

Well, traveled up Pittsburgh way Saturday afternoon to personally boo Barry Bonds as the Pirates hosted the Giants. And, well, so didn't about 38,000 other people. But, I'll get into that...

Anyway, arrived outside the tunnels in Pittsburgh around 5:00 p.m. and the tunnels were a little backed up. I was surprised by that...usually on a Saturday, it's not bad at all. And I couldn't imagine it was backed up due to Pirate traffic. But, we made it through the tunnels and there it was Dollar Bank Jamboree Day. And Trisha Yearwood was playing in the park. Oh boy!

Well, we made it through all the Pittsburgh folks heading to the Jamboree and found a nice parking garage in the middle of town. And headed over to Primanti Brothers to eat...and, well, that's always an adventure. I was in awe of an old man sitting outside who was downing that sandwich like a pro. I, on the other hand, had some issues with mine. The 9 pounds of slaw they put on it was just a little much...

After eating, we headed down to the Jamboree for a few and got to hear a fiddle player. Yeah...great stuff. Headed over to the ballpark after about 2 minutes of fiddling. And, well, it was Sean Casey bobblehead night. So, Sean Casey bobbleheads for everyone...could things get any better? And the ballpark was packed. Sixth largest crowd in PNC park history. Pretty cool.

When Bonds came up to bat, there was some mixed reaction in our section. A lot of boos but some cheers too. Some moron a couple rows in front of us apparently loves Bonds...and so didnt't he people right in front of us...which made our boos even more hearty. Bonds got a hit his first time at bat and walked the second time. Not too satisfying. But his third at-bat. Strike out...score. And he struck out again on his fourth attempt. But the highlight of the night was Bonds swing and miss where he fell down after the whiff. He literally spun in circles until he fell. It was excellent.

At some point during Bonds last strikeout, I made eye contact with the Bonds fan in front of us and heckled a bit. I mean, what's the point if you can't heckle. The drunks in the section were trying to get a "Here We Go, Steelers" chant going. They were pretty annoying. But, it was all worth it because Bonds struck out twice. Oh, and the Pirates actually won the game. And, after Sunday, they swept the Giants which is pretty awesome.

Following the game, there were some fireworks from the Jamboree. Unfortunately (or fortunately), didn't get to hear Trisha Yearwood. On the way across Clemente Bridge to the car, the saxophone player was out and we gave him $10 to play Country Roads...and he threw in a "Let's Go Mountaineers" for free...and that received a mixed reaction...and some hand gestures.

And then, well, it was to the car and the exciting trip out of Pittsburgh...which, after some wrong turns became more of a hassle then it should have been. But, eventually, we got out and got back home. It was a fun trip...and no one got killed despite our best attempts. And Bonds struck out twice and the Pirates won. Sometimes things work out...

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