Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's See...

Well, I had to leave for Charleston Tuesday morning and worked down there through Wednesday afternoon. I was in the Charleston office until midnight on Tuesday night so I completely missed the All Star Game...which is a bummer. I guess the NL blew it...what a shock there. Anyway, Wednesday as I was driving back I hit a downpour and it was just great. Yeah...great. People wrecking, sliding off the road...trucks going 102 miles per hour because they weight 18 tons.

So, that was my last couple days. Today, I'm trying to catch up again. So, for the record, I have been in my office 1 day over the last 2 weeks so you can imagine how much crap is laying around for me to do here. And, well, I'm updating this so you can see I'm right on top of it.

There is a report that Barry Bonds might be indicted within a week or so. Now, I'm not sure what MLB will do if he is indicted. Do you suspend him indefinitely? Do you turn a blind eye? I really don't know. I do know that I have Pirates tickets for July 29th when Pittsburgh plays the Giants. I only bought them because I wanted to personally boo at Barry Bonds. And now, well, that's up in the air.

But, that's about it for now. Football season is rapidly approaching and as soon as I am able, I will give my 2006 predictions for the Mountaineers. Undefeated? I'm not sure yet...let me think about it.

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