Friday, July 07, 2006

Always Sunny...

I broke down and bought into the hype and commercials and watched two episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" last night. Perhaps one of the more offensive shows on television (that's not a cartoon) that I have seen in a while. And it was funny. I'm not sure that the Seinfeld comparisons they were trying to draw in their commercials is necessarily accurate but it was good nonetheless. Definitely a show worth watching might want to check it out but, remember, it's not always in the best taste.

A couple more games and we'll be in the All Star break and we have some really great pennant races ahead. The Yankees/Red Sox will be battling for the AL East and it is likely that the loser won't make the playoffs because of ChiSox and Detroit. Aside from the NL West, everything in the National League is up for grabs. 4 teams could win the NL Central and all 5 all still in in the running for the NL West. That's pretty amazing.

In what will go down as another epic battle, Pittsburgh and Kansas City is fighting for the worst record in Major League Baseball. Pittsburgh is currently winning that battle with a 29-58 record and Kansas City has a 30-54. Both are fighting for 100 loss seasons...and I think Pittsburgh will get the title "Worst in Baseball" before all is done. But, both teams deserve a big pat on the back...CONGRATULATIONS ROYALS AND PIRATES!!!

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