Monday, July 17, 2006

World War III?

First of all, let me start out by staying the comment from Davis absolutely made my day. I'm not necessarily in favor of nuking them all but the Taco Bell in Gaza gave me another solution. We, here in America, have an issue with illegal immigrants from Mexico. Most Americans would like to get rid of them. Here is an idea: Gather up the illegals and ship them to Lebanon where they would occupy the southern 20-30 miles of that country. They could establish a culture of tacos there. They would provide the buffer between the countries and if Hezbollah would like to fire rockets into the illegals territory, go for it because they obviously deserve no better (according to a majority of Americans).

With that said, let's get to my real post today. Are we currently in World War III? Glenn Beck has been saying it for a week now. Newt Gingrich stepped up and said it. It's going to become a mantra of the right...or the left, or somebody. But, are we truly in World War III? I'm not willing to say yes yet and here is why:
  1. I have hope. War is in somewhat isolated areas and, outside of Iraq, American forces aren't fighting in a war. Obviously, if it's going to be a World War, America is going to be right in the middle of it.
  2. There's still hope of keeping Israel/Lebanon isolated. Despite Israel's repeated threats to Syria and Iran, there hasn't been any action made that will bring those nations into the fighting.
  3. Several countries are offering peace keeping forces for Israel (Russia, Britain -- UN folks). There doesn't seem to be a split in the world powers (yet) that will turn this into a major conflict.
  4. Even is Iran and Syria are pulled in, they don't have the militaries to create havoc throughout the world. Several countries might abstain from getting involved in Iran is pulled in (i.e., Russia, China), but they wouldn't support the Iranian cause any more than the Israeli cause.
  5. Ann Coulter hasn't said we're in World War III yet.

Anyway, I still hold out hope that Israel will isolate their actions to Lebanon and, when they are done with Lebanon, will help stabilize that government (which is pro-western). If Israel has greater ambitions, such as the destruction of Iran and Syria as regional threats, things will get dramatically worse for everyone. But, for today, I remain optimistic.

Oh, yeah, I know I'm away from the sports a bit lately but that's only because it's quite boring. I hate the ESPYs and didn't watch. The Pirates still, and will continue, to suck. The Yankees are closing in on the Sox (no surprise there). And people keep wrecking in NASCAR. And, that's the update for today.

Oh, and if you want to read something stupid, check out these two articles about CBS:

For that last one, I watch the news for the news...not to hear solutions from Katie Couric. Give me a break...idiots.

EDIT: For anyone who thinks we shouldn't back Israel, read what Der Slickmeister said about Israel back in 2002: Clinton says he would have died for Israel. It has been US policy to stand by Israel since its founding...despite the party in power. (Not to say I've really heard anyone recommend bailing on Israel...I just thought this showed US support for Israel.)

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