Monday, July 17, 2006

Time to Take On Iran?

Iran has been blamed for assisting in the sinking an Israeli ship. It is well-known that Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah militants. It is believed that Iran is supporting the militants in Iraq that are preventing peace from taking hold there. Iran is defying the UN and the world but continuing their nuclear ambitions. Iran has called for the destruction of Israel. Iran is trying to change the world game singlehandedly. So, it begs the question: Is it time to rid ourselves of the Iran problem?

Israel can't take care of Iran. It's too far away for them. The planes can't make it there and back without stopping and they definitely can't get ground troops there. If Israel is going to take on Iran, it must have US help. And, chances are, it would be a bilateral move...US and Israel vs. Iran. And the rest of the world condemning the acts of agression.

But, look at the positives if the US were to take actions in Iran similar to what Israel is doing in Lebanon. First, we could set back Iran's nuclear program 20 years, at a minimum. That would be a huge relief to the region. A nuclear Iran is a threat to the Middle East and the world. Why wait until it is too late?

Second, hard strikes against Iran could actually work to stabilize the region. Many militants would have to run back to Iran to defend the country and that could potentially stabilize Iraq and Lebanon. Also, with strikes, Iran would have to maintain their funds internally which would end their ability to support Hamas and Hezbollah.

Third, it would probably destabilize the Iranian government. there any worse regime that could take hold in Iran than the one that is currently there? Ahmadinejad has proven to be difficult to work with and very unpredictable. At times, he appears to be reaching out to the West in hopes of reestablishing relationships. But at the other times, he has alienated his country even more from the rest of the world...and his relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons will keep Iran isolated for many years to come.

Iran is obviously seeing this growing conflict as a threat to their own stability as evidenced by a recent statement by the Iranian Foreign Minister saying Monday that a cease-fire and an exchange of prisoners would be acceptable and fair in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict. This is the first solution presented by the Iranian government that didn't include a threat. Perhaps they see the opening the world has been presented in ridding itself of the Iranian problem. Israel's actions may have greater purpose than just the removal of terrorists from Lebanon. It could rid the entire Middle East before they are done.

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