Saturday, July 29, 2006

NFL Must Be Close

Well, the NFL football season must be rapidly approaching considering the amount of Terrell Owens stories on ESPN. Over the past week, I have seen at least a half dozen T.O. profiles and stories on how Bill Parcells, aka The Tuna, is going to handle T.O. and how T.O. is ready to peform for the Cowboys. And, don't forget a quick story on Jerry Jones and the risk he took in bringing T.O. to Dallas. And T.O. wrote a book and we need to get Donovan McNabb's opinion on the book because, well, that's sporting news.

Nevermind all the other teams in the NFL preparing for football season. And forget the other acquisitions the Cowboys made in preparation for the 2006 season. It's all about T.O. and The Tuna. That's it. Someone at ESPN has a real...ummmm, infatuation with T.O. They devote way, way too much air time to him and Dallas. And, well, I'm about sick of it. I don't care about a receiver who wants to tear teams apart after a year and make fun of his former teammates. And whoever at ESPN that needs 5 minutes alone everytime T.O. says something funny needs to be fired.

Oh, yeah, there is one other story that ESPN covers...a little bit, and that's the Reggie Bush saga. Reggie Bush said he would sign with New Orleans before training camp and then he didn't. Then he threatened to sit out but he won't. It comes down to one thing: Vince Young beat him for the National Championship last year and that makes Bush feel bad. And now Young is going to make more money and that makes him feel real bad. Bush isn't going to make $58 million...look for something in the $54-56 range.

Anyway, back to ESPN's undying devotion to stupid makes me dislike the World Wide Leader more and more everyday. It's one thing to report news and do a piece like a T.O. story once in a while but the need to hammer it every single day is insane. One T.O. story during training camp makes sense...but one everyday is just wrong.

Lastly, don't even get me started on Berman and Joe Morgan doing the Cubs/Cardinals together...I almost threw my TV out the window. Is there anyone worse than Berman? His schtick is old. He spent the entire game defending Dusty Baker like they were long lost brothers. And everytime a Cubbie made a mistake, Berman would say "Must be Dusty's fault." Give me a break...cover the game. Cub fans have every right in the world to call for Baker's head. If you disagree, say it but don't spend the entire game chiding the Cub fans for wanting a manager change. I wanted an announcer change but I didn't harp on it.

Anyway, that's my anti-ESPN rant for the week...

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