Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup

Well, I watched the World Cup soccer game between the US and Italy and was pretty darn entertained. The US looked pretty in control of the game early on...and then Italy scored and I was pretty disappointed by that. Then the US scored on a "own goal" by Italy and tied it at 1-1. So, I was excited again...and then, one of the Italian players received a red card. SCORE. Well, I thought the US would certainly capitalize and win the game.

And then things went really weird. Shortly after the Italian red card, the US received a red card so that evened everything up at 10 players each. No big deal...the Americans had played with more intensity than the Italian team so I wasn't too concerned. And then, shortly after halftime, the Americans received another red card and played the rest of the game shorthanded. Luckily they held on for the tie.

I, personally, didn't think the US team deserved either red card and the announcers seemed to agree. There are already calls out for the officials head...his name is Jorge Larrionda and it appears he has been suspended from officiating before due to "irregularities" in his officiating style. Which begs the question, how does he become an official in the premiere world spectacal of soccer?

The US could still advance to the Round of 16 if they can beat Ghana and Italy beats the Czechs. So, all is not lost. But, it's hard to get over the potential loss of the win because of some really questionable officiating. I'm sure it will be discussed ad nauseum on ESPN later...

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