Monday, June 19, 2006

Time Out?

I don't know...according to the officials, Howard asked for a timeout not once, but twice. And, well, I have no reason to disagree with the official. And Howard didn't seem to be arguing that he didn't ask for a timeout when Avery Johnson was whining to the refs. Howard was standing away looking like he made a huge mistake. So I have every reason to believe that Josh Howard did indeed ask for the timeout and cost Dallas any chance at taking Game 5. As far as the foul on Wade, I don't know...I didn't necessarily see it but obviously Wade has drawn a lot of fouls over the course of the series.

But, I can now say that I am rooting for the Heat. Nowitski's temper tantrum walking to the locker room sealed my decision. Up to that point, I didn't care who won. But Dirk taking his frustration out on a poor exercise bike...unacceptable. And Cuban's yelling at the officials following the game...trying to get on the court...nah, I don't like that.

So, Wade is obviously the real deal. Next MJ? Maybe...he's a lot closer than Kobe is, that's for sure. Wade is clutch. Did you have any doubts those freethrows were going to drop? The man is like ice. Amazing.

Anyway, Game 7 of hockey tonight...I will watch Game 7 because...hey, it's Game 7. Hell's Kitchen is also on...will have to keep track of that. Phil Mickleson had a monumental meltdown at the US Open...unbelievable. And, that's about it for now...just waiting on the Diet Coke/Mentos video to post...more on that later.

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