Friday, June 02, 2006 I despise thee...

I really, really dislike going to Martinsburg. I mean, really hate it. Not so much the metropolis of Martinsburg, but the trip itself. It is long. It is boring. And it's twice as bad when it's pouring down the rain. And the police in Maryland...ahh, don't even get me started...they're everywhere.

So, I went to Martinsburg...was there for maybe 4 hours...and drove back. So, for 4 hours in Martinsburg, it took me about 10 total hours. Not my idea of a good time. And, I get to go back on Sunday. And it appears more likely than not that I will be stuck out there until Thursday. I really don't have anything pressing to do out there Monday until the, I guess I'll just sleep-in for a while on Monday morning before going into the office. I don't know...I'd rather not go.

Anyway, as for other stuff...
  • I don't know how I didn't know Pernell Williams was going to be released from the Mountaineers. That actually caught me off guard. Strange.
  • Unless there's a major change of fortune, it appears Miami will eliminate Detroit from the NBA playoffs...and not a moment too soon.
  • I knew how to spell ursprache
  • No hurricanes yet. Oh, and global warming isn't affecting hurricane season. Just wanted to let you know.
  • According to the media...all news is bad news.

And that's all for Friday...thanks for reading. This is me...going to bed.

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