Sunday, June 04, 2006

World Cup is NOT the model of unity...

Watch the news this coming week and you'll hear a lot of stuff about World Cup soccer and how ignorant Americans don't understand the sport and that World Cup is the model of sports for the world. WRONG!

World Cup soccer (all soccer in Europe for that matter) is the exact opposite of how American sports should be. European soccer is full of racism and hate. European soccer fans throw bananas at black players and yell "monkey" at black players. They carry Nazi flags into the stadium and give the Nazi salute. It is exactly what American sports should not be.

But, don't expect to see the downside of world sports this week. The media has a motive in trying to make American sports seem trivial when compared to this grand spectacle known as World Cup. American media will make it seem like this should be the standard to which we aspire. Nothing is further from the truth. There was a time where minority players were heckled in American sports...but, that is a thing of the past here (for the most part). In Europe, it is still a major part of the game.

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