Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pujols on the DL

Sad but true...Albert Pujols is injured and could be out 6 weeks...could be longer. Pujols was leading MLB in Homeruns and RBIs and was in the neighborhood for batting average...the triple crown. Well, if he's out for 6 weeks that means no triple crown, no threat at the single season HR record and no dominant force (outside of BBond) in baseball. Pujols was kinda the anti-Bonds...and now he's injured. That kinda sucks...

Hey...write this down 100 times: Yankees lead the Red Sox in the AL East.'s true. The Yankees beat the Orioles while the Sox fell to the Tigers today...which gives the Yankees a 1/2 game lead. The sun shines a little brighter...

In more good news...even though the Pirates winning streak snapped the other night...they are now less likely to lose 100 games. Of course, they could hit a bad streak and put themselves back into contention but I don't envision them losing more than 98.

And that's about it for right now. I'm watching the end of the Mavs/Suns's a good one and I'm hoping Dallas can finish off this series tonight. A Mavs/Heat final would be greatly entertaining considering Mark Cuban and Shaq love to talk to the media. Oh, yeah...I'm still going to the great nothing of Martinsburg tomorrow...hooray.

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