Friday, June 23, 2006

Least Favorite

Without hesitation, my least favorite people from the major sports:

Baseball - Manny Ramirez. Barry Bonds is too obvious but Ozzie Guillen made a late run to try to take the title. But Manny being Manny wins. This is a guy that could shoot 3 people in the stands and everyone would say, "Hey, that's just Manny being Manny." I'm not a fan of that. He's a distraction but is given a pass everytime. Plus he plays for the Sox...not good, not good. Honorable Mentions: David Ortiz, the Young brothers, Red Sox, Victor Conte

NFL Football - Terrell Owens. Yeah, I took the easy way out. The guy is just plain horrible. How can anyone put up with him for more than 2 minutes? Of course, the Cowboys deserve him. Hopefully they will destroy each other. Honorable Mentions: Jerry Jones, Tom Brady, Chris Henry, Reggie Bush, Mike Holgrem, Brett Favre, Any Vick

NBA Basketball - Kobe Bryant. I just can't stand the guy. He pleaded so much to be the next Jordan that no one was ever going to say he was Jordan. You just can't ask for that have to earn it. Yeah, he makes big shots but when you take every shot, well, you're going to make a few. Honorable Mentions: Lakers, Phil Jackson, Stephon Marbury, Isiah Thomas

NCAA Football - Bobby Bowden. Sorry...maybe that's mean but I just can't stand the program he runs. He seems nice enough but all the thugs he recruits is insane. Very rarely does a year go by that you don't hear about an FSU player in jail for shoplifting or having Lyme disease. It's crazy. Honorable Mentions: Notre Dame, esp. Charlie Weiss, USC, Pete Carroll, Pitt, ACC, Frank Beamer, Florida, Lee Corso, Oregon's uniforms

NCAA Basketball - Coach K. Man, this guy is uppity. He doesn't just coach basketball, he coaches life. Yeah, right. Coach K cares about one thing...winning. And that's the bottom line...he's no better than any other coach in America. He just happens to be at Duke. Honorable Mentions: Dick Vitale, Duke, Billy Packer, ACC/Big Ten Challenge

General: Chris Berman. This guy really is horrible. He stumbles and mumbles through his commentary. He doesn't know what to talk about so he makes up nicknames and uses cliches. He did the US Open and literally ruined the entire event. He broadcast the NFL draft and announced the picks before the commissioner. He really needs to be put out to pasture with Barbaro. Honorable Mentions: Barbaro, US Soccer, Marshall, HGH

And, that's all for right now. I guarantee I forgot half the people I don't like...but this is a start. A good start.

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