Thursday, June 22, 2006 Update

Sorry I have been less than dependable on my updates over the past few days. I have spent about 10 hours in conferences and meetings and webinars over the past 3 days. That's not as much fun as it sounds. So, I've had very little time to do actual work here...until today. I've had to work in the evenings on the video stuff for trials that I needed to do, which sucks. Today, nothing on the calendar.

Anyway, I received Windows Vista Beta 2 in the mail yesterday and got it installed on a test machine here. Just finished downloaded Office for it. I must say it is very much like a Mac when it comes to saving things...the explorer is very Mac-like. I haven't dug into it too much yet...there are a few neat features but I'm sure I will start hating on it soon...

Miami won the NBA playoffs which was cool. I was really hoping for a Game 7 tonight but that's alright. Dwayne Wade has established himself as the most entertaining player since Jordan (at least that's my take on it).

Hockey is over...I thought Game 7 was kinda anti-climatic. It was close but never as dirty and physical as people wanted. I didn't watch it all...just bits and pieces. Baseball continues...nothing major going on. US Soccer plays Ghana today...must win to advance (and hope for some other pieces to fall in place). Of course, I'm at work and can't watch it...hooray!

But, that's about and nothing else. Need some extra-curricular activities I think...

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