Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weather Change

It's that time of season...we've left Summer and are quickly deteriorating into the season known as Autumn. I really hate the weather just makes me sick. But, there are some good things about fall:
  • College football. That's pretty obvious.
  • NFL football. My interest in the NFL has diminished for some reason but I still enjoy the games...I'm glad it's that time of year...
  • Baseball playoffs. Especially considering the fall of's a great playoff season.
  • NASCAR Chase...hey, it's really pretty entertaining.
  • No more 100-degree days. I don't mind hot weather but sometimes it's just too hot.
  • No more mowing gras...well, almost.

But I really just hate the weather change when it gets cold and I don't like the shorter days. Especially on days like today when it's pretty dreary out. But, hey, that's the way it could be worse...I could live in Ethiopia.

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