Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ahmadinejad. Hero of the Media?

I was going to entitle this "Ahmadinejad. Hero of the Left?" but I know too many people on the left that have more sense than that. The American media on the other hand...not so much. But then I read that former President Clinton is urging talks with Iran and I wonder.

Anyway, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a lunatic folks. The man has denied the Holocaust and has called for the annihilation of Israel. It is easy for him to talk to the American media about brotherhood and peace but go back to his country and talk about "Death to America" and "Death to Israel." The American media interviews him and describes his well-spoken manner and knowledge...but they lob softball questions at the man and are taken in by his charm.

He insists that his nuclear ambitions are to power his country in one sentence and, in the next, rails against the US for attempting to keep his country with "the bomb." And he is never called on this. He makes it clear he wants nuclear weapons and the American media still pretends he wants it only for "peaceful" purposes. People who believe this clown are only kidding themselves. He is looking to alter the world for the worse and I don't think the American media is portraying that correctly at all. We have a nut out there who is making a new Axis that we need to deal with before it is too late.

One of his partners in this crime against humanity is Hugo Chavez who made a "devil" speech at the UN yesterday that I am sure fired up anti-American sentiment in the anti-American world body. Chavez has become a hero of the American left because he is so much like Fidel Castro. A dictator who buries his own people to increase his power. Yep...sounds about right. This is the guy Ray Nagin wanted to get money from to rebuild New Orleans. Another presence out to destroy America...what a great guy.

And then you have the Great Hugo Chavez calling

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Davis said...

Yea, it doesn't seem like the best way to be taken seriously by the international community is to tell the world that Bush is the devil and it smells like sulfur at the UN.