Tuesday, September 05, 2006

John Raese Picture

Thanks for the link Davis...good stuff. Here's what I scanned in from the special insert in the Clarksburg Telegraph during Italian Heritage Festival week (hope this didn't scare the Italians too much):

Now, to be fair I must admit that I did contribute to the John Raese for Senate campaign. I had my reasons...I just don't remember what they were now. But, that was back during the primaries when I thought Raese would have the best chance of defeating Byrd. And before Raese started carrying around a big gun and vowing to take his big gun to Washington...or something like that.

As for that big gun, "It's a Winchester Model 1895, .405 caliber rifle. The gun was a favorite of President Theodore Roosevelt, who called it his "big medicine" to shoot large game including lion, buffalo, rhino and elephant." Ummmm, yeah. I just hope he doesn't lose his mind and shoot a large Byrd before the election.

I won't get into gun rights and stuff...they don't mean as much to me as some other things (taxes, security, etc.) but here is John's stance on the Second Amendment:

I’m a proud member of the NRA and strongly support Second Amendment rights. In West Virginia, we have the highest per capita gun ownership in the country with also one of the lowest – if not the lowest – crime rates.

This is proof that disarming American citizens actually makes them less safe and secure, and I will fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights and freedoms

I don't know if you can make that argument or not but he's going to try. And if you disagree, he'll shoot you. All I know is that I don't necessarily feel safer with John Raese hauling around an elephant gun. I don't know about you...

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Davis said...

Hmmm.. now that I review my comment I see that the link was cut off and didn't link directly to the Raese article. But if you scroll down the page, there it is, and you apparently saw it. So, yeah.

I can't whine about separation of church and state unless I concur with number two. It's just a shame that so many campaigns (on both sides) only appeal to the most common denominator. But whatcha gonna do?