Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday Night Football

Well, I'm pretty bummed out about the whole Monday Night Football Extravaganza for the Steelers. The offense was obviously on another planet. The defense played pretty darn well but wasn't quite enough to overcome Jacksonville.

The lack of any type of running game is what has me most concerned. I think Ben will come around and play solid throughout the season. But the pressure Jacksonville was able to get on him and the ability to completely stop the run could be trouble. The offensive line was unable to give Ben adequate protection and they didn't create any gaps for Willie to run. Maybe the Jaguar's defense is just that awesome...maybe not. We'll see what they can do against the Bungles this weekend.

As for Monday Night Football, this was my first chance to see the new crew. I like Tony Kornheiser. He seems to be a little reserved so far...trying to figure out what all he can say...and what he shouldn't. But I like his analysis and I like his delivery. He probably could bring a little more PTI style to the broadcast...I look for him to really start cutting loose soon and bringing more entertainment to the show.

Oh, and in real news, France's Prime Minister Jacques Chirac called for the discussion of sanctions against Iran by the U.N. be suspended. Jacques apparently feels the multinational talks with Iran are making progress and that Iran is doing nothing wrong. Jacques...call me in 5 years when Iran is lobbing weapons around your country and maybe even in your country. Chirac wants to look reasonable but instead he shows how weak the Western Alliance is and that is playing right into the hands of Ahmadinejad, Chavez and their allies. It is absolutely insane...

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Yankees Suck