Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mid-Day Football Update

Well, Cincinatti hung with Ohio State for about a half and then Ohio State decided to lay down the law on the poor Bearcats. No surprise there really. On the other hand, Michigan State destroying Pitt was a bit of a surprise. I can't read this Pitt team and cold. Kinda like Palko's whole career. From a Heisman hopeful to a giant bust. My confidence in Pitt being the 4th good Big East team this year just collapsed.

Syracuse finally won a game...beating the hapless Illini of Illinois. I know this was not a game between two titans but I'm about tired of hearing it described the pillow fight of the week. I know both teams are struggling but there's no reason to continually make fun of both squads. New coaches, new players...they're trying their best. I just don't respect the ESPN commentators who want to kick both programs...

I just finished watching Iowa beat Iowa State. Here is how classless the ESPN reporters have become...following the game, this question is posed to the player of the game, an obviously upset and distraught Mike Klinkenborg: Mike, you just buried your dad 3 days ago. Can you tell me how you feel now?

Come on! What a stupid question. WHY? Why would you ask someone like that? I swear. I mean, if the reporter approached him and asked "Mike, how do you feel?" that's one thing. But to throw in the "you just buried your dad" is just ridiculous. I mean, we already knew what happened because they spent half the game focusing on it. Of course, that has become ESPN. Ask the "hard hitting" questions. Make someone cry or angry. Nice ESPN...very nice work! You guys are awesome. Any network that employs Lou Holtz is number 1 in my book.

Anyway, that's my mid-day update. I don't know if there will be an evening update or not. I'm going to watch the Louisville/Miami game or the LSU/Auburn. Those are the games of the week. Why GameDay is at USC is beyond me.

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