Monday, September 11, 2006

Path to 9/11

I didn't really plan to watch the movie but I decided it was a better alternative than the Manning Bowl. Anyway, for the first night, I thought the movie was pretty good. I really didn't think it portrayed the Clinton administration as bad in any way. Of course, it's been edited some more...but I didn't see what they were talking about.

I'm guessing some of the scenes in which the people in Washington were portrayed as weak or afraid to act was probably the biggest gripe of those in the former admininstration. But, I didn't see that as a knock at them...but as a knock at the way we handle situations regardless of who is in power. It remains a major complaint of citizens of the U.S. that we are afraid to act or don't act strong enough. Consider the complaints that we don't have enough military in Iraq or that we have been too afraid of civilian causalties. Same thing in this movie...afraid to act for fear of world reaction.

My theory on why Clinton's folks are so upset is because it showed that terrorists activities were occuring during that time and it showed they didn't like the Clinton administration. Clinton has long held the belief that he had endeared himself to the Arabs and Islamic folks and this movie showed that wasn't the case. I truly believe that he believed his Mid-East peace talks made him a hero in Israel and throughout the Islamic community. And, well, that obviously wasn't the case. It doesn't matter whether it be Clinton, Bush or myself as president...these people want to destroy the country. And I think Clinton believed they liked him...or wanted everyone else to believe that.

Now, I thought the movie also portrayed some blame that could go to the conservative wing of the nation too. Clinton did order the cruise missle strikes on the training camps in Afghanistan. They were heavily criticized because most believed he was trying to distract citizens from his political problems. I believe it was compared to the movie Wag the Dog. Perhaps if the whole story was known and Clinton wasn't beaten up so bad for those strikes, more action could have taken place. But, after that fallout, there wasn't a whole lot more that was going to happen on that front.

Overall, what I have seen of the movie so far doesn't seem all that controversial. I probably wouldn't even have watched if such a big deal hadn't been made about the whole thing. And I definitely wouldn't be analyzing it for the Clinton mistakes had they not said anything. But, like I said, maybe the cuts they made changed the way everyone was portrayed. I don't know.

What I do know is that today is the 5th year anniversary of 9/11 and I'm afraid that too many people in this country have already forgotten what happened that day and the feeling they felt. And I'm afraid that too many people in this country are not willing to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Only time will tell...

As for WVU...82 players took the field. When Coach Rod was taking volunteers to play QB, I went down and threw a couple passes. I went 2-5 for 17 yards which I thought was pretty good.

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