Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Habib is Dead...Long Live Habib

Oh, how I have awaited this day! After 2 years of trying to get Habib to leave, the day has finally arrived. Habib turned in his 2-week notice today...ending one of the more painful episodes of my existence.

It's not that Habib was a horrible person...he just wasn't very motivated and, well, wasn't that smart. Habib asked me for drivers for a hard drive...Habib took an image of a computer and put the same image on the same computer and couldn't figure out why it still had the same problem. Habib turned off the server one day by accident. Habib has had some troubles...

But today Habib is remembered for his good points...that time he -- ummm, well, I'm sure he's done some good things. He has a very clean office...which is good. So, farewell to Habib...may he be remembered as he always was: staring out the window with a monocular.

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