Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fire Lou Holtz!

There's a lot of things to talk about but I have to start with Lou Holtz because I am just completely sick of him. When ESPN hired Holtz, I had some reservations. He was under investigation by the NCAA for violations at South Carolina and it seems like a conflict to me to have someone who is being investigated commenting on college football. But, that's besides the point. His unapologetic pandering to Notre Dame borders on sickening and completely destroys any semblance of balanced and unbiased reporting on ESPN's NCAA coverage.

Notre Dame squeaked out a 14-10 win over an unranked Georgia Tech team Saturday night. The ND offense looked feeble and the ND offensive line was non-existent. Mark May, who I also despise, pointed that out but Holtz continued to talk about how impressed he was with the defense and that the offense was good and will be excellent. He continued to say ND will be national champs and Weiss was an offensive genius. HELLO? They scored 14 points against an unranked opponent. How can you say they looked like national champs? How can you say that win was impressive? Holtz cannot fairly report college football because he looks at everything through the spectrum of a golden dome.

Holtz is maddening because he won't even admit any weakness in the Notre Dame attack. Even as a die-hard WVU fan, I am willing to see and admit weaknesses in the Mountaineers game (like the still questionable secondary). Holtz wouldn't even admit that the Irish offense was out of sync. What he saw was a perfect game plan and a perfect game by Weiss despite Weiss' own admission that the coaching was questionable at times. Holtz needs to go. He is horrible for college football and horrible for ESPN.

Anyway, with that said, on to other games. East Fairmont beat University Friday night for the first time since 1993. It was awesome...maybe this is the year they end the 30-year playoff drought. I have faith...

And WVU stomped the Little Green Machine from Marshall 42-10. I would have liked to see 50+ points but you can't have everything. The secondary still gives me some worries...the defense bent a little more than I would have liked to see. The offense still looks like the juggernaut that ran all over Georgia. More on WVU and other college sports tonight or, I just hate Lou Holtz.

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