Thursday, September 14, 2006

Prediction Day

I'll be honest with you...I just don't have the ambition to sit here and write stories about how the Mohigans, offended that Morgantown still uses an Indian mascot, comes in to assist East with a victory. Or how global warming assisted the Knights in making the Polar Bears extinct. I just don't have it. What I do have the ability to do though is give you the predictions from some of the biggest games in the area...

East Fairmont v. Morgantown - Make that #1 East Fairmont v. #9 Morgantown. No, that wasn't a typo. According to the WVSSAC ratings, East is #1 in the state. The question: Can that last? I had someone offer me 10 points yesterday and I took the bet. Not only to I believe East can beat a 10-point spread, I believe East can beat Morgantown even. Let me say that again: I believe East Fairmont can beat Morgantown. Morgantown has given up a lot of offense this year and, well, that just happens to be the Bees strength. East Fairmont 31 - Morgantown 21.

Fairmont Senior v. Preston - West Fairmont definitely needs the victory Saturday night to get back in the NCAC hunt...and, well, the playoff hunt. The Polar Bears are currently #24...but it's early. A win over Preston puts them right back in the thick of things. Preston is pretty much in the same boat. But West showed they are pretty good against Morgantown last week in the loss. They should be able to handle Preston. FSHS 25 - Preston 12

Other HS Scores:
North Marion 21 - Buckhannon Upshur 20
Bridgeport 35 - Liberty 10
University 24 - Elkins 14 for the bigger games:

West Virginia vs. The Maryland Friedgens and Terrapins - I'll be honest...this is the early season game that scares me. Big Friedgen has had Rich's number at times...even last year they played pretty close and Maryland was really bad. And the rumor is that Ralph has been eating only like 5 meals a day...and has been exercising. So, he'll be ready for this game.

But, what is scary is the expectations on WVU for this game. WVU is a 16-point favorite and a lot of pundits are saying WVU needs to crush Maryland to maintain "respect" or whatever. I'm afraid WVU might get into a close battle and lose focus because they're worried about outside factors. You know what I mean? Ok...maybe not.

I think Slaton can get some big runs and I'll be very interested to see what Pat can do with his arm. The secondary remains a huge concern for me and this is their first real test of the season. To be honest, neither team has played anybody yet so both squads will be feeling out their offense and defense. And, well, if it comes down to coaching...Ralph has been known to stomp opposing teams like Bowser from Mario Brothers. Should be interesting...

Anyway, despite my concerns, WVU wins easily over the Fridge and his turtles. West Virginia 42 - Maryland 17

Other college games:
Louisville 45 - Miami 28
Michigan 24 - Notre Dame 17
LSU 21 - Auburn 20
USC 35 - Nebraska 17
Tennessee 17 - Florida 12

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