Monday, September 25, 2006

I Have A Smirk On My Face

Well, I don't even want to talk about the Steelers game. They are now 1-2 in arguably the toughest division in the NFL. Baltimore's defense looks good and Cincy may be the best team in the AFC. I don't know what else to say about that...

What I do want to talk about is Bill Clinton's performance on FoxNews and Monday Night Football. First, Der Slickmeister was on FoxNews defending his attempts to stop terrorism. He says he left directions on how to stop terrorism and that he was closer to capturing Bin Laden than we have ever been since. Alright, sure, I believe him. Whatever. I don't care. Clinton is defending something I very rarely here brought up. I didn't think the movie "Path to 9/11" place undue blame on him or his administration.

I believe Clinton probably had the best chances of killing Bin Laden. Of course, it was probably easier to track him before he blew up two of the largest towers in the world. I believe Clinton left instructions on his terrorism strategy. I would enjoy seeing what that strategy was. I'm guessing it was something like "Work with the Saudis and Palestinians on ending terrorism." Clinton is ranting and raving for one reason: ELECTION! Yes, it's that time of year and Clinton is out front trying to show that the Democrats are not soft on security and that his administration took securing this nation seriously.

Listen, I know, as do you, that Bill Clinton and no one in the Democrat Party wanted to see what happened on September 11th happen. I know Bill probably did what he thought was best to secure our country. The problem is, and has been, the inconsistency of Clinton's story. And the bigger problem has been the attempts by many Democrats to make it sound as though terrorism involving the United States never occurred before Bush was elected. They want their "audience" to believe that terrorists never targeted the US before we elected the "cowboy" and if we would simply vote out Republicans, terrorism would end. Obviously no Democrat will say that verbatim but that is the innuendo they lay forth. And it's bull. So, Clinton is out there touting the "we had a plan" agenda. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't...does it matter now?

For my second item, which will be short, Monday Night Football returns to New Orleans tonight. Here is the news story headline I heard for it this morning: Tonight, The Superdome, not long ago a symbol of America's failure to the people of New Orleans will host it's first . . . yada, yada yada.

A symbol of America's failure ot the people of New Orleans?!? Once again, bull. First, the people of New Orleans were told to evacuate. They chose not to leave. Second, those who couldn't leave on their own or "didn't have no moneys" should have been evacuated by the City or State. Ray Nagin failed, not America, in evacuating New Orleans. Third, billions of dollars were dumped into the city after the disaster. Is that America failing?

Come on! Wake up! America didn't fail New Orleans. Once again, it's spin. The United States stepped up and assisted the New Orleans recovery. I know people from here who went down to help rebuild homes and donated money...I donated money. Is that failure? What more can we do? It's not my fault Ray Nagin didn't help evacuate the people of New Orleans. It's not America's fault that the Governor of Louisiana told Federal Authorities that the local entity was in control before the storm. It is certainly not America's fault that money that was given to New Orleans to steady the levies was spent on other projects by the government's in New Orleans.

Yes, some studies may have said that the levies could be breached. I'm sure there are other studies that say the levies were secure and safe. I can find contradicting studies on just about every topic in the world. That's just the way things are. Anyway, I resent the notion that America failed New Orleans. America has bailed out New Orleans and the only thing we hear is how we should give more. And as for personal responsibility of the people of New Orleans for not leaving when advised to? That's not their fault at all. Personal responsibility died long before a Hurricane named Katrina.


Davis said...

ELECTION! Yes, it's that time of year and Clinton is out front trying to show that the Democrats are not soft on security and that his administration took securing this nation seriously.

Of course he's out front showing that. He has to counteract the Republican fear mongering.

I just love the response from the right acting like Clinton "boiled over" or "blew up" on that interview. He didn't go looking for that fight, he was there to talk about global warming and Chris Wallace decided to be a jerk. So Clinton gave him the what-for.

Mike said...

I'm glad you posted is a response from Wallace.

According to Wallace, he was allowed to ask 5 questions of his choice. Now, I have no reason to disbelieve Wallace. To the best of my knowledge, his journalistic integrity has never been called into question.

As for "fear-mongering," both sides are guilty. Both sides lie. Both sides distort. Remember great hits such as: "Republican's are going to end the school lunch program" or "You will have to choose between medication and food"? Same kind of thing...never changes, never will.