Monday, September 18, 2006

Great Football Weekend

Wow...what a weekend for football. Overtime in the NFL. Blocked kick to win the game in Oregon. Almost enough blocked kicks to win games at Florida State. T.O.'s broken finger. There was just a lot of great football this, I'm not sure where to start. Let's start in Louisville:

Alright...the Cardinals finally got that "big" win they have so desparately been awaiting. Not only did they beat the Hurricanes, the smashed them into the ground. The only negative might be that it appears Brian Brohm will be out 3-6 weeks with some strained ligaments. With that diagnosis, he should be back in time for the big game against WVU. I don't see them being tested before then.

But, I'd like to focus more on Miami's pre-game behavior. THE U decided that they would come out and stomp on the Cardinal at Papa John's Stadium which, rightfully so, made the Cardinals pretty mad. Coach Petrino's brother was in the middle of the near melee. My question is obvious: Why does Miami feel it necesssary to behave in such a manner? Do they feel they have the right to stomp someone's logo and make a scene? Where are the coaches? Does Larry Coker have any control over THE U?

If I were a Miami fan, I would be as embarassed by that behavior as I was by the ensuing game. Miami was a visitor to Louisville and should act as such...that doesn't include disrespecting the Cardinal Stadium or the Cardinal team. There's no way Coach Rod would ever allow such a display when WVU visits there in November. And, if he did, I would be absolutely mortified. I, for one, am happy that THE U is gone from the Big East. They are thug players who have no class and no respect for anyone in college football. And, as Louisville showed, they aren't that good this year.

Alright, just some other shorts for the roundup:
  • With that said, I really enjoyed watching Tommy Bowden beat Daddy again. That game would not have even been close if it wasn't for the special teams issues that Clemson had. I don't believe FSU is that good...Miami was just bad.
  • Auburn/LSU might have been the most boring game in college football. And why would LSU not pass the ball into the endzone at the end of the game? Completion at the 5-yard line. Hooray!
  • Michigan stomped Notre Dame! Michigan stomped Notre Dame! Michigan stomped Notre Dame! Michigan stomped Notre Dame! Somewhere Lou Holtz is crying in a beer. Somewhere Charlie Weiss is trying to eat Lou Holtz's leg. Michigan stomped Notre Dame! Michigan stomped Notre Dame!
  • The Oregon/Oklahoma officials blew a call. Oregon won. Oh happens. Get over it and figure out what is wrong with your football team.
  • Slaton is 4th on ESPN's Heisman Watch. And a mixed article by Ivan Maisel about the Mountaineers. He writes some nice things and takes a few shots too.
  • After watching the Raiders on Sunday, I have to agree with Bill Simmons that Art Shell is not really alive.
  • I'm sure Brett Favre is sure glad he came back. But, after the way he acted in the off-season, he deserves it. The need to play the backup. But if Favre continues to be selfish like he has been, I hope they go 0-16.

I think that's enough for today. The Steelers should win tonight and be off to a good start defending their Super Bowl crown. I'll be interested to see how Big Ben looks. Oh, and I still have a strong dislike for Lou Holtz.

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