Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Little Politics - A Little Sports

First of all, have I said I really dislike Lou Holtz? If I haven't allow me to say that now...I really, really don't like Lou Holtz. I really believe he is senile. But, anyway, how about that Miami / FSU game? You want to talk about sloppy, that was it. Neither team really looked prepared to play. Stupid penalties, personnel issue, time management problems. I really, honestly believe WVU could have beaten either of those teams last night...they looked like high school teams.

Have you seen the John Raese ads with him sporting a rifle? With his finger on the trigger? Hey, I understand he is lobbying the NRA crowd here in WV but the ad is just a little scary. I like John Raese...but, I'm sorry John, you don't stand a chance against a man who has everything in the state named after him. WV, do you take RCB until death do you part? Yes...for better or worse.

Andre Agassi was retired from the US Open and from tennis completely on Sunday morning. It was a pretty touching moment really...Agassi played when US tennis actually meant something in the world. Unlike today...where US hopes ride on a man who I'm not sure cares if he wins or not. Roddick just isn't "the man" like so many others were -- Agassi, Connors, McEnroe, Sampras.

Lastly, this is an older story but let's see if you remember it: Valerie Plame, a covert CIA agent was outed as a CIA agent by the "Bush Administration" as a retaliation for her husband, Joe Wilson, disagreeing with the Administration. Well, that was the story anyway...and the "drive-by media" ran with the story and people were calling for the public hanging of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney because it was "obvious" they had orchestrated the leak.

Well, guess what? They didn't. The leaker was former deputy secretary of state Richard L. Armitage. And, well, do you think that was reported with the same gusto that the story had initially been reported with? No. It's pretty disgusting really...the media was indicting Rove and Cheney and several other members of the Bush Administration with no proof at all that they were involved in the least bit. And, well, now the truth is out and they don't say a word. Typical...but disgusting. Here's the Washington Post article "setting the record straight."

Nice article on ESPN about Pat White

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Davis said...

You don't like John Raese? Mr. Swisher, you're as pink as they come.

Seriously, you aren't the first person to point out that Mr. Raese is a wee bit on the creepy side. Not to say that Bob Byrd isn't a wee bit on the "half-dead" side either.

But you might enjoy this link: