Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Beilein. Busted!

In case you haven't heard the news, the fiery John Beilein was busted at the Pittsburgh Airport for disorderly conduct. Apparently, he wouldn't move his car as instructed by the airport security. He thought he should wait for his bags to be delivered. When the security ran the plates, it was a University car and they questioned him about that and then cited him.

Well, I for one welcome this citation. Beilein has caused enough problems. His reputation as a trouble maker obviously caused him to get this ticket. How many times have we seen him go on a rampage on the sideline? Beilein has a bad temper. He makes Bobby Knight look like a well-mannered gentleman. I can't believe it has taken him this long to get in trouble with the law. I thank the law enforcement official for not backing down to the intimidating Beilein. Now if only our A.D. had the same guts.

Anyway, in other news, if you haven't been watching the NBA playoffs, you are missing some great basketball. I am not the biggest fan of the NBA but these playoffs have been some of the best I have seen. All the series have been entertaining and there are 4 really enjoyable teams left. How can you not enjoy cheering for Nash, Dirk, Shaq and Wade...and, of course, the Pistons? And Raja Bell...what a gutsy performance last night. All the hated players have long since been eliminated making this really Kobe, no A. "we're talking about practice" I., no Starbury and no Trailblazers. Just good basketball players and I have enjoyed it. Still hoping for that Mavericks/Heat finals.

Lastly, the Yankees have pulled even with the Red Sox in the AL East. That's some really good news. Also, it is being reported that Clemens will go to the Astros and not the Sox...even better news. The Yankees were out of the running for Roger because they wouldn't bend to his schedule "aka, I'll play when I want to play."

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