Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Idol of America

Tonight the winner of "American Idol" will be announced. Yes, I will watch...I watched last night and, well, I've watched all season I guess. I'm not ashamed to admit that. Really, I'm not. Well, alright...maybe I'm a little ashamed to admit that but, the fact is, I have watched. And so don't a lot of other people. Over 21,000,000 people watched American Idol last night. So, obviously I am not alone.

Anyway, what kind of show is better than people doing something that everyone can do...but some do it better than others. I mean, you can sing. I can sing. It's just that I clearly sing better than you. And, well, is there anything better than having Randy, Paula and Simon sitting there and telling you that I sing better and America should vote you off the show? That's why American Idol does so's humiliating and entertaining because it's not you getting humiliated but you can sit there and say "Well, golly gee, I could be on that show." But, deep down, you know you can't...I could though.

But, I digress. Tonight a new American Idol will be crowned and, unless it is a stunning upset, it will be Taylor Hicks. Taylor's a pretty cool dude...gray hair, purple jacket. Sings a little like Joe Cocker...likes to go into seizures on the stage. I can dig it. He was probably my favorite from the beginning because he was most insane...and now, he is going to be the American Idol. Who knew? Oh, yeah...I did.

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