Friday, May 26, 2006

Barbaro is a Horse...

Despite what some people may want to believe, Barbaro is a horse. Not a human....a horse. Barbaro can't read or write. But, well, that hasn't stopped people from signing a message board that was setup by the hospital that performed Barbaro's surgery. And, well, before they started moderating it, there were some really good the following:

“Please don’t give up. We all love you. What happened to you is a sin. Using you to win money is evil. But your spirit rises above all that. Love Vinnie, Creature, Gus and Craig.” — Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Barbaro: My cats, Merlin and Annable, and I are praying for you. We are doing a novena for your recuperation. We love you, Cynthia, Merlin, AnnabelCynthia Powell, 55; Washington, DC, USAposted on 2006-05-25 11:47:56

Hope to see you soon!! Elmer's Glue Factory, 28; Indianapolis, IN, USAposted on 2006-05-25 13:49:23

"Hey Barbaro, I hope that you go back to your ground-breaking cancer research once you're healed up again. I can't even calculate your contribution to our planet." - age 39; Vancouver.

“Barbaro, you are a horse. You can not read. These will not be read TO you. Nevertheless, show everyone how brave and noble you are for wanting to go out there and start mounting some mares. May your colts have firm and sturdy legs.” — age 23, St. Louis.

“Stay Strong Barbaro!! I ‘shattered’ all the bones in my ankle in Aug ‘05. I was told I’d limp for 6 mos to 1yr, maybe always. By Oct ‘05 I was back playing tennis, no limp. So there IS hope!” — age 38, Destin, FL.

And my Personal Favorite:

"A Haiku:
Run Barbaro, Run
You're going to win! Oh Snap!
You're now adhesive"Maya A., 29; wilmington, DE,posted on 2006-05-24 17:37:46

I just want to remind you that Barbaro is a horse. A horse...

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