Sunday, May 28, 2006

715 *yawn*

Wow...Barry Bonds hit his 715th homerun and passed Babe Ruth for 2nd all-time on the homeruns list. Did you see that huge celebration? Did you see how excited everyone around the country is? No? either. I've said it before but it needs repeated: No one (except ESPN) cares about Barry Bonds and his phony records. Hopefully Pujols will pass his regular season homerun record this year and someone will eventually pass him for 2nd all-time. I don't believe he will catch Hank Aaron. Oh, and don't tell me Barry's head hasn't gotten bigger...

On to better news...the Indy 500 was actually entertaining. The first 450 miles were pretty much a bore but the last 50 were pretty awesome. I was really hoping one of the Andretti's would win...Marco almost pulled it off but a fabulous last second pass by Hornish ended that hope. But, on the positive side, it was the 2nd closest finish ever for the 500...pretty cool I guess.

The Pirates played a game that lasted 18 innings last night. And won. How odd. Then they woke up this morning and decided that it was fun to play extra they did it again today. But only 10 innings. And they lost...

Lastly...NYY is 2 games behind the Sox. Still a long season left. And my favorite NBA player is injured...go figure.

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