Monday, May 15, 2006

About Time for an Update's been too long since I last updated but it has been hectic around the workplace as I try to catch up from missing a whole 2 days. You would have thought I was out a month. But, anyway, here's what has been going on:

I have about 40 hours worth of video to digitize in the next couple weeks. That really eats time to do it will probably take at least 40 hours to get that done so that is just a real pain. On Thursday I was supposed to do a library software upgrade. Well, in order to perform the upgrade, the machine needed SP2 installed. So, I figured I didn't have time to download SP2 so I would install it off a CD. Well, I put in the CD and the CD left the tray and slid all the way to the back of the CD drive. And was stuck.

That's great...I had like 30 minutes to be ready and the CD was stuck in the CD-ROM. So, I postponed the upgrade (it is today at 10:00 a.m.) and started tearing apart the PC. I ended up putting a new drive in the machine...and I might have drop-kicked the case. Well, there's not might...I did. I was very frustrated...but I eventually got the machine upgraded. And, that's about how all of Thursday went. Taped the bands at the Great American County Band Showcase Thursday night and that went well except of the crying baby near the left mic. But, the CDs still turned out ok...more on that later.

Friday was about the same as Thursday...lots of work and no time to do it. Also Friday, I made 100 copies of the aforementioned Great American County Band Showcase and labeled them Friday night. I also prepared and labeled photo CDs...200 of them. So, I burned and labeled 300 CDs Friday and Saturday. And something about that label glue makes me eyes dry lips dry up and I feel SICK. Lovely.

But, I got all the CDs done. Now, I have the library software upgrade today...I have a presentation to make to the attorneys tomorrow that I have done ZERO work on to date (hey, how hard can it be?) And I have a training session on Wednesday that I have not prepared for in the least. So, needless to say, I will be scrambling today after I finish this update.

Lastly, a quick Habib story. Abdul (the 3rd party Xerox repairman) was here on Friday. Abdul is a pretty nice guy...fixes our machines when they break. Well, we had a Xerox machine that wouldn't we told Abdul to work with Habib. I don't know exactly what happened but Abdul came storming into my office and said something like the following: "I can't stand that guy! I can't work with him. I don't mind worthing with you or Sarim but I can't stand working with him. He treats me like I'm stupid and that everything is the fault of my machines. Well, it's not my your network. I know it's not my machine. I know more about Xerox machines than Habib and I'm sick of this. Every time I come in he acts like it's my fault that something doesn't work and that's not the case. He is just a baby."

That was really a treat for me on Friday...more updates later...but probably not today...

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